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   Chapter 115 A Recipe for Failure

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"Emma, I love you. Please don't turn me down." Drake pleaded, placing a cheque in her hand. He did not care how much money he would have to spend to keep Emma.

Emma looked up at him in surprise then shook her head,"Is this what you think of me, Drake? I don't want your money. You are such a jerk!" She threw the cheque at him and broke loose from his embrace.

Drake saw the hesitation in her eyes and decided to be persistent.

He picked up the cheque from the ground, pulled her in his arms again and gently asked,"Do you know how much I missed you? Emma, just this time. I just want to have you this time." He tucked the cheque into her pocket.

Emma closed her eyes, fighting back the internal emotional turmoil that was threatening to erupt. She also had sex with Felix Fei to get money, what kind of a person had she become?

"Emma, you have already lost your virginity to me. It's okay, relax." Drake placed his mouth close to her ear, alluringly. The temptation was too much for Emma, and she caved in.

He lowered his head and kissed her, passionately. Drake then noticed that the curtains were still open. Securing his embrace around Emma, he walked over to the left-hand side, and pressed a button that closed the curtains automatically.

As the curtains closing, the room was slowly enveloped in darkness. Drake continued to kiss Emma and run his hands all over her body, muttering sweet things.

"Wait a minute." Drake retreated from their embrace and headed to close the door. He didn't want anyone interrupting them. After closing the door, Drake carried Emma, whose face was wet with tears, put her on the sofa, and threw himself on her.

Drake secretly left Emma's office at around four or five pm, with a spring in his step.

Inside the office.

With dishevelled hair, Emma straightened her clothes and went to the bathroom with her hand against wall.

She looked in the mirror, and the image that she saw was an embarrassing one. Her eyes were puffy and red and her lips were swollen. Her picture-perfect make-up was smeared.

She took out the crumpled blank cheque from her pocket and squeezed it in her hand.

She murmured to herself,"Drake is right. There is no difference between the first time and the second time. But why do I feel so bad? Nooo... I won't think like that..

This is the last time." She tried to comfort herself as she proceeded to fix her appearance. She was determined that this was the last time that Drake would take advantage of her.

But she was unaware that someone had taken pictures when Drake had kissed her, And when he left her office, a few hours later.


n sitting opposite her, talking and laughing as if they were mother and daughter-in-law. They completely ignored her presence.

This warmed Emma's heart.

She had been able to solve all her problems with the money Drake had given her. She had sent Lydia to an addiction treatment centre in America.

Now, she could concentrate on Viola in the hopes of having an ally in her quest to win Samuel's heart.

"Aunt Viola, I still remember that Samuel used to bring me to this restaurant because I had been accustomed to western food after staying in America." Emma said as she looked at Viola with intense sweetness and unusual shyness.

Viola replied to Emma delightfully,"Ah, Samuel cherishes you so much. He never brings me here." Their conversation was louder this time, for the benefit of Ella. Both Emma and Viola, unknowingly, wanted to gauge Ella's impression of the information that had been shared.

Ella agreed with Viola. Samuel brought her here only once. Did Samuel have feelings for Emma?

She would definitely ask Samuel about this and figure out why.

Emma and Viola continued to talk to each other.

However, Ella paid no attention which made Viola anxious.

The purpose of asking Ella for dinner was to make her angry, but it seemed that it wasn't working.

Finishing her meal of steak and pizza, Ella wiped her mouth and stood up to address Emma and Viola. "Thank you for the dinner. I had a good time here. But I have to go now. Enjoy yourselves!"

She picked up her purse, and walked away, leaving the two sitting there with baffled expressions on their faces. They both looked at each other, each with their own reasons for the shocked expressions, unbeknownst to them that they had had similar missions for that dinner.

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