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   Chapter 114 Nothing but Nightmares

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Samuel stopped in his tracks. After a long time, he nodded,"That's right!"

Ella bit her lower lip tightly. This bastard was too shameless. "Mr. Shao has been unfaithful, I'm going to sue you in court!" If she used what she had on him, she would get full custody of her son.

Right, she was going to use this! Ella was suddenly struck with a brilliant idea.

After rearranging his clothes, Samuel walked up to Ella. She had already sat up, but was forced lie in bed again when he closed in on her.

"Mrs. Shao is welcome to sue me." Supporting himself with one hand on the bed, Samuel used his other hand to take out his wallet from his pocket. He took out a bank card.

He put the card on the bedside table next to her and said,"There's no limit to the amount of money you can spend with this card. It's enough for you to file countless lawsuits, take it."

Shooting her a disdainful glance, he walked away.

His indifference drove Ella crazy. She really wanted to kick him again. What a megalomaniac! Does he think he's invincible in the legal world?

Ella woke up feeling much more comfortable today than she did yesterday. She took a quick wash and went downstairs.

Downstairs, the family was having breakfast. Samuel stood up from the table, having just finished his meal when Ella appeared.

After kissing his son, he was on his way to the living room door when he switched directions.

Regardless of the surprised looks from his family, he took Ella in his arms and gave her a long kiss before turning away.

He left, leaving an embarrassed Ella alone with three stunned elders...

At the Channel Magazine

Near lunchtime, a lot of colleagues went to the restaurant.

Dressed in a dark blue sweater, Emma was still hard at work in the editor-in-chief's office.

Picking up some of the folders, she pressed the assistant's internal line on the intercom and said,"Please come in and send this film actor's co-production plan to the president's office, thank you." She immediately hung up afterwards, and continued to work with her head down.

Within a minute, a woman came in. She took Emma's fold

th Drake at all.

"Emma, are you an idiot? How can you refuse so much money!" Grabbing the check that Drake hadn't taken, Elaine stood up and ran away.

Emma felt exhausted watching Elaine flee.

"Emma, don't take it too seriously." Drake walked up to her, looking at her affectionately.

Upset, Emma broke down and yelled at Drake,"You don't know my mother. She has asked me for money too many times!" She's a leech!"

Drake looked at her helplessness with distress.

Despite her struggling, he held her in his arms,"Emma, don't be upset." His arms tightened around Emma. He couldn't help wanting to hold her tighter.

He missed her body and her scent. He missed her desperately.

"Let me go, Drake. Let me go!" Emma's body began to tremble again, and Drake reluctantly let her go.

Taking a step back, he pulled out a check book from his pocket. He tore off a blank sheet and handed it to her.

"Emma, you can write any amount you want on the check." Emma was stunned at his wealth. She stopped trembling.

She knew that everyone connected with Samuel was rich, but she didn't realize that Drake was also rich.

"No! I can't accept this!" She knew Drake liked her, but she didn't like Drake at all.

Drake gave her nothing but nightmares!

For instance, he was currently handing her an unlimited cheque. Just as she hesitated, he took her in his arms and didn't give her a chance to refuse.

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