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   Chapter 112 Nowhere to Hide

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At Ella's reassurance, Melody breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm so glad you're not angry. Go have dinner. Mrs. Qi has prepared a good meal." Melody rushed her to the dinner table and followed.

Ella sat at the dinner table and served herself a bowl of century egg.

When Melody sat down across her, she was puzzled for a moment and asked, "Grandma, do you want to eat again?"

As Ella spoke, she rose to get another set of tableware from the kitchen.

"Oh, no. I'm not hungry. Just enjoy your meal, my dear."

Melody grabbed her wrist to stop her. With the heater on, Ella had taken her coat off and was only wearing a sweater. When Melody pulled Ella, her sleeve rolled up, exposing her wrist.

The bruises on Ella's wrist shocked Melody greatly.

"My dear, what happened with your wrist?" She was about to roll the sleeve further up to see the rest.

Not wanting to let her grandmother see the other bruises, Ella hurriedly pulled away her wrist and covered it with her sweater.

"Grandma, I… It was an accident." She stammered as she tried to explain. There were more bruises on her neck and other parts of her body.

They were all from Samuel. Fortunately, the heavy clothes she wore in the early winter helped hide the bruises. With a silk scarf wrapped around the neck, the bruises remained hidden.

Melody felt heartbroken at the sight, and couldn't figure out what happened. It was evidently marked by fingers. "Samuel!" Melody exclaimed fiercely.

Ella bowed her head to her congee and said, "Grandma, You think too much." Her face instantly turned red. Even with her head down, Melody caught a glimpse of it.

"Ella, be honest with me. Are you unhappy with Samuel?" Melody looked at Ella seriously.

Ella hesitated. There was nothing she was unhappy about. But when Samuel became too much sometimes, it was difficult not to get upset.

Putting down her spoon, Ella looked at Melody. She carefully asked, "Grandma… If I were to div

eyes when Samuel opened the door to step out.

"Samuel!" Her serious tone stopped them.

"Grandma, " Samuel answered.

"As your grandmother, you have to listen to me. Be gentle to your wife. Look what you've done to her! You've gone too far!" She wouldn't have known about Ella's suffering if she hadn't grabbed her wrist. And it didn't seem like Ella would've told her anything.

"I know, Grandma."

The two left the room, closing the door. Melody sighed as she watched Jerry fall asleep.

She walked slowly to the Buddha statue in her room, praying with clasped hands.

"May Buddha bless the couple and may everything turn out well. May they get through this difficult time in their marriage, and may the whole family enjoy peace and happiness."

Samuel dragged Ella back to their bedroom. He moved to lock the door from the inside.

Grabbing the opportunity, she ran to the closet with all her energy.

But she wasn't quick enough. The moment she tried to close the wardrobe door, Samuel squeezed his way inside with a furious look.

He pressed her against the closet forcefully.

When he unwrapped the silk scarf around her neck, the bruises caught his eye.

With a growing sense of foreboding, he immediately took off her sweater, leaving her dressed in only a thin white blouse.

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