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   Chapter 111 Emma's Cousin

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She smiled brightly, but Drake wasn't stupid.

"All right, let me know when you get the chance."

"Of course!" "Samuel will go for a week-long business trip to Korea next Wednesday. What a pity to waste such a great opportunity..."

They discussed the plan in detail for ten minutes.

After that, Drake resumed his role as a gentleman and walked out of Catherine's office with a document in hand. Several female colleagues were delighted as they brushed against him.

The Royal Mansion

When Ella woke up in the afternoon, Joy Liu was playing with Jerry.

After dinner, Ella played with Jerry for a while before asking Joy to look after him.

"Joy, please take care of Jerry. I'm going to have a safety seat installed in the car." This way, Jerry could sit by himself in the car now that he had become bigger.

"All right, my lady."

Ella went upstairs to change her clothes first before going to the garage.

Her BMW was inside, but the motorcycle was gone. Where was her motorcycle? How could it suddenly disappear?

She sat inside the car and sent Samuel a message,"Where's my motorcycle?"

She put her phone aside and drove towards the 4S Factory.

Ella checked his reply while waiting for a red light. "I gave it away."


"How could you give away my motorcycle without my permission!" Ella exclaimed angrily.

"I didn't like it." Samuel replied shortly.

Ella didn't want to argue with a stingy husband like him.

She would just buy herself another motorcycle with her brother's help.

Ella came back home after an hour. She took Jerry out and secured him on the safety seat, before driving to the mall.

There was an Early Learning Center in the mall, so Ella took Jerry to experience a class.

The teacher had se

s too busy to go to the old house. But he always showed up whenever he knew Ella was there.

Did he love her? Thinking of the divorce papers that Samuel personally printed, Ella felt frustrated and sad.

Jerry fell asleep in Vincent's arms. Ella picked him up to lay him in the bedroom upstairs.

Melody was alone in the living room when Ella went downstairs for dinner.

She was talking on phone. Was Samuel on the other line?

Ella walked closer and heard Melody berating Samuel. "You are Ella's husband. You should mind the way you behave in the public."

"What?" "It's not appropriate for you to show up with another woman before the media in public!"

"Don't use work as an excuse to get out of this!" "Ella, it's Samuel on the phone." Melody gave Ella the phone as she approached.

But Ella only took the phone to hang up the call. Melody asked carefully,"Are you mad that I answered your phone?" "I picked it up because I saw Samuel was calling you."

Ella smiled at her grandmother. "Grandmother, please don't blame yourself. I'm not angry with you at all." Grandmother treated her so well. Ella would never get angry with her, let alone blame her.

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