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   Chapter 110 Fool-Proof Plan

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Ella relaxed, as the warm water engulfed her. After the night she had had, she welcomed the effects of the water. Samuel was tormenting her and Ella didn't know why. Additionally, she didn't understand why her body betrayed her on two occasions. It's like she was under his spell, unknowingly doing whatever he wanted to her detriment.

"You see. You look relaxed now."

"Go away Samuel.

You've done nothing but frustrate me and hurt me for the past 12 hours..." Her words drifted off, as the sandman called to her. Just when her voice trailed off, Samuel turned back and saw Ella closing her eyes.

"Come on, you'll end up drowning."

Samuel dragged her out of the bath and wrapped her in a towel.

He dried off the water from her body and put a robe on her.

Her wet long hair splayed on his arms. Samuel lay her on the bed and put her hair on the edge of bed.

Drying her hair with a blow-dryer.

Ella didn't object to the pampering

As she couldn't keep her eyes open anyway.

Samuel wrapped her hair in a towel afterwards, And got in with her and slept.

Law Office of Mr. Shao.

With his briefcase in hand, Samuel walked in the office.

"Good morning, Mr. Shao." the main receptionist, as well as others he met on his way, greeted him. His response was a nod towards them.

Samuel walked into the elevator. Soon after the elevator door closed, his colleagues began to gossip.

"Did you see the mark on Mr. Shao's neck?" One co-worker asked another.

"Haha, yes I did. Kinky huh?"

The other co-worker responded.

"Very much saw. Remember last time when he came with two bite marks on his... " Another co-worker stepped in.

A cough interrupted their gossip session, And they immediately scattered in all directions.

"Good morning, Miss. Gu." they all greeted in unison as they resumed their work.

Catherine went to the elevator without greeting any of her colleagues. If what she had overhead was true, then her plan hadn't worked. She needed to consolidate her thoughts.

The Office Room

Walking into the office room, Catherine stopped when she saw a familiar figure inside.

"What are you doing here, Drake?"

ke pictures of them. Samuel will believe since he has had rumours already about Sum and Ella."

Drake nodded his head, trying to swat away fears that he may have. "That's still going to be difficult." Drake was afraid of Samuel.

The last time he sent Ella a photo anonymously, of Samuel and Emma hugging, Samuel found out that it was Drake who sent it.

Samuel gave him a warning and threatened him. The reason why Drake was still working at Samuel's law office was because Drake's grandmother. At the edge of dying, she asked Samuel to look after Drake and offered him a job.

Meanwhile, she advised Drake to learn from Samuel.

In fact, Drake had no interest in the job, but he took it anyway.

Samuel confined him to work here, mostly owing to the Drake's grandmother's last wish. Samuel didn't want to let her down as he had promised.

"What do you mean? It's not. Are you getting scared now? I warn you Drake, back out now and I will make sure that you never get Emma. You hear me!" Catherine was angry, yanking Drake back to reality. "Hold on, Catherine. No need to make idle threats. I am not backing out. We will have to arrange this, down to the most minuscule detail. To make sure that it is fool-proof and nothing goes wrong. I fear that if it fails... " Drake's voice trailed off, but Catherine could easily fill in the blanks.

"Even if it fails, it won't trace back to you. Rest assured" She responded and smiled.

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