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   Chapter 109 What Do You Take Me For

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Just as Samuel made himself comfortable, Ella squirmed away from his embrace. Samuel moved closer, But Ella moved away again, almost to the edge of the bed. "Stop it! "Be a good girl!"

He warned. "Let go of me! If you can't keep your hands to yourself, then I won't sleep by your side."

Samuel turned her to face him, "You didn't seem to have a problem earlier on." He teased, As he proceeded to run his hands all over her body. In the darkness, Ella was almost lost in the depth of his eyes.

Ella shoved him and sat up from the bed, "Just stop Samuel!" She got out of bed and went for the door.

Ella was confused emotionally. This was a man that had publicly humiliated her by displaying affection towards another woman, on purpose. How could she let herself fall into his trap? "Ella, I dare you to walk a little further! There are surveillance cameras in the corridor! I'll make sure that they capture our intimacy if you continue to be so belligerent!" His booming voice filled the room.

Surveillance cameras? Why didn't she know about them? Ella thought that he might be lying her.

Regardless of his warning, Ella opened the door of the bedroom. But Samuel was so fast that he grabbed her wrist as soon as she stepped out.

"Samuel, stop it!" Pressed against the wall, Ella surveyed the corridor and saw a round surveillance camera at the corner. It must have been recording when he kissed her.

"Jerk, why did you kiss me below the surveillance camera?" Hands bound behind her, she couldn't move. But she lifted her foot to step hard on his.

With his eyes closed, Samuel lowered his head. Her attempts didn't make him budge. But he liked to tease his wife, it was a lot of fun.

"Oh, I also forgot to tell you. I have some important files in the company, so we also have surveillance cameras in the study..."

"Samuel, you bastard!" Her angry scream almost per

It's clear that you don't want me anymore!"

Samuel looked at her amused. "As a liar, what right have you to question me!"

He didn't feel like arguing with her.

Instead, he brought her back into his arms and was determined to make her relieve his anger.

Before Ella could protest to his accusation, she was held down on the floor. She couldn't believe that Samuel hadn't been satisfied in the study.

And for the second time that night, they made love in the dance studio room.

In the grey of the morning, Samuel put on his robe casually, held Ella up and walked downstairs.

Five minutes later, Ella, who was sleeping soundly, woke up, "Where are you taking me?"

Samuel didn't answer her, but investigating her surroundings, they were back in their bedroom heading for the bathroom.

"Get me down. I am not a child, I can walk by myself." Samuel stood beside the bathtub, staring at her with an amused expression on his face. "Fine." Samuel let go of her and she slipped into the water. When she popped out, her face was covered with her wet hair. She brought her hands to her face and wiped the wet hair away from her face.

Samuel looked at her and smirked. "Bastard!" Ella called him and proceeded to get in a comfortable position.

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