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   Chapter 108 Confused Passion

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In the Villa.

As ordered by Samuel, Joy Liu had made some dishes for dinner, waiting for Ella. Despite what had happened, Ella was so hungry that she had dinner after asking Joy Liu to make some milk for her son.

"My Lady, aren't you having dinner with Young Master?" Joy Liu asked curiously.

Ella picked up her chopsticks and tried to ignore the question. Every time she thought about Samuel driving Catherine home, her lips twitched.

With confusion, Joy Liu went to make milk for Jerry.

Ella cradled her son in her arms, and continued to enjoy her dinner. Her stomach grabbled in appreciation for the food.

Three minutes later, Joy came back with Jerry's milk and fed him. She could feel the tense air surrounding Ella and didn't want to push the question, therefore she sat there and fed Jerry in silence.

Meanwhile, outside the Royal Mansion, Samuel stopped the car by the road and said indifferently, "I have something else to attend to. Take a taxi home."

"But Mr. Shao, it's getting late..."

Catherine replied, The triumph smile that was on her face now fading. "I'll leave after you get in a taxi." Samuel interrupted.

His tone was brash and to the point, letting Catherine know that she had no choice but to get out of the Porsche.

Samuel retreated his phone and called a taxi company that he usually uses and in less than 3 minutes, the taxi had arrived right beside the Porsche.

After ensuring that Catherine got in, Samuel turned the car around and headed back home. "My Lady, Young Master hasn't had dinner yet." Joy couldn't help reminding her and wondered if the couple were quarrelling. "Don't worry. He has a girl with him and he's not coming back anytime soon."

Ella's appetite dissipated. She suddenly felt quizzy. As she sat staring at her bowl of soup, the front door opened and in walked Samuel.

Ella checked her phone in confusion. She wasn't expecting him to be back so soon.

When she looked back up, their eyes met, and Ella couldn't help but sneer. The anger and sadness that had remained simmering for the past 10 minutes as she eat, Threatened to explode. But Ella had to control herself. It was inappropriate behaviour to confront her husband infront of the help. Ella stood up from the chair and grabbed Jerry from Jo

found a guest bathroom that she could use and decided to sleep in the same room as Jerry.

She watched as the water filled the bath tub as her mind wandered to how her marriage had become a mess. She felt like crying, but reserved doing that until she was comfortably in the tub.

After the tub was full, she added her favourite body wash liquid to the water, and it became soapy. A hint of strawberry and coconut smell wafted through the air. Satisfied, she walked out of the bathroom and headed for the Jerry's room.

She passed by Samuel's study and noticed that it was open. She continued walking and ignored the fact. As soon as she walked past, Samuel emerged and walked towards her.

Before she could turn the knob to the room fully, Ella felt Samuel wrap his hands around her.

"Let me tell you... " Samuel purred into her ear, as he kissed her neck. His deep voice touched every nerve of her.

"I... I don't want to hear it..." Ella couldn't think properly. Samuel continued to kiss her neck, Turned her around, pushed her to the wall, and kissed her lips.

With the triggered passion, he brought her into the study, knocked all files off the desk

And placed Ella on it. Their passionate moans soon filled the air.

At one o'clock in the morning.

Ella and Samuel were on the sofa of the study, their bodies intertwined.

Then, Samuel got up, and carried Ella into the bed room.

He placed Ella onto the bed and turned off the light, and then, he pulled her over and pressed her into his arms.

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