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   Chapter 106 The Games of Jealousy

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"You can be with either Emma or Catherine, whichever you like. And you can have another dozen children with them as long as you want. If you can leave Jerry's custody to me, I promise you I won't find him a stepfather..."

"Look, Samuel. It was all my fault back then and I do apologize. I know I was wrong, and I shouldn't have forced you. Can you let go... of me and Jerry..."

It seemed to Samuel that all Ella cared about was Jerry. Everything she said and did was for Jerry rather than for him.

"Don't you know I'm really upset?" He interrupted her begging coldly.

Ella was speechless.

All she said just now meant nothing! Ella shot back angrily, "Upset? Then why do you bother calling me, Mr. Shao?" They actually hadn't seen each other for quite a long while. Ella couldn't help wondering if he ever missed her during these days...

But soon she found the idea too silly. She must be too full of herself to think he would ever miss her.

"I'm upset because my wife was such a wayward and unpredictable woman." Certainly, it was not easy to be Ella's husband.

What did she mean by saying "Don't involve her"? And the "Old lady"? If she were an old lady, then there wouldn't exist such a creature as a young and beautiful lady in the world.

Ella rolled over on the bed to check Jerry. Staring at her son tenderly, Ella lowered her voice and said, "Mr. Shao, is it fun to go back and forth like this?"

Samuel raised his eyebrows and gave her an answer laced with double meaning, "Absolutely. I'll show you what going back and forth is like personally when you come back."

What the heck? To show her personally?

Why those four words sounded really inviting from his mouth?

Going back and forth... "Samuel, you're such a jerk!" Ella's face turned red suddenly out of embarrassment.

She never meant in that way!

"What's going on here?" Samuel seemed to be totally confused about her sudden accusation.

"I... You..." Ella faltered for a while and then dropped the topic and moved on, "Goodbye!"

Nevertheless, Samuel commented on her reply later and said, "You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world." But only Samuel knew the real meaning of the comment.

By saying she was beautiful, he actually meant on that very special intimate moment.

Though things didn't work out as she wanted, Ella did feel much bet

osing his eyes and reclining back on the couch, Samuel then said, "What? Are you jealous?"

Hearing clearly the teasing in his tone, Ella blanked out for a moment. He was right about it. She was jealous.

Samuel knew how much she liked him after all. Ella saw no point in hiding her feelings from him. So she admitted, "Right, I am jealous. Got a problem? Go ahead and hang up."

Samuel was obviously pleased with her confession. "Problem? Ella, you don't know the half of it." He would let Ella have a taste of her own medicine.

Divorce, in your dreams! That was never going to happen, not until he had grown tired of her.

Trying to keep as calm as she could be, Ella said, "Mr. Shao. As a lawyer, do you know the consequence of defamation?" She didn't have to remind him.

"Trying to defend yourself with laws now? Don't you know you were already doomed the second you showed up in my room last year?" Ella would never get away with it if he used it against her.

Ella went silent immediately when he brought that up.

Then she mumbled, "Why holding on that? I'm the one who was risking everything, and you clearly had nothing to lose..."

She really meant it. And that was her first time with a man.

Samuel tried to say something, but Ella hurried to interrupt, "Never mind that. Now let's go back to the real matter. You have made me jealous. So what about I make you jealous for a change?" She would play along if that was what he wanted, but not by his rules. She would make her own game!

Samuel was clearly irritated by her threat in the end.

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