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   Chapter 104 Ella Escapes with Jerry

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They must be for her. Ella then changed into the new clothes. She looked around the room, but could not find her purse.

She remembered Sum bringing her purse into the room last night. Where is it now? Did Samuel take it?

Ella combed the room once again for the purse. She confirmed that it was no longer there. Then she turned to the door.

Once she opened the door, she was startled to find two men in black uniform standing right outside the room.

"Good morning, Mrs. Shao. Mr. Shao sent us to protect you. Would you please go back to the villa with us?"

To protect her? Ella frowned doubtfully. She still remembered what happened last time when Samuel had sent someone to protect her. She doubted that what Samuel really wanted was to keep her under surveillance and cut her communication with others!

"You don't have to protect me. I can manage on my own..."

"Mrs. Shao, here is what Mr. Shao told us. He wanted you to know that all your belongings from your apartment, along with your son, have been already sent to the villa. And you'd better come with us if you still want to see your son again."

Though it was not her fault, Ella was somehow feeling sorry for being kissed by Sum in front of Samuel last night. But not any more. When Samuel threatened her with her son and her freedom, all her guiltiness turned into a sudden outrage.

In the end, Ella had no choice but to go back to the villa under the escort of the two burly men.

Melody had left the villa soon just before they arrived. Two servants were playing with Jerry when Ella came in. Joy hurried towards Ella with Jerry in her arms as soon as she saw Ella walking in. And then she reported to Ella, "My Lady. Her Ladyship has just left. She had been waiting for you for nearly an hour."

Ella gave her a nod and said, "I'll call her later." Then Ella took her son from Joy.

She felt much better as soon as she saw her precious boy.

Then Ella called Melody and talked to her for almost half an hour.

In the afternoon, Ella was about to go out with her son when she was stopped by the bodyguards at the door.

Ella became furious. She decided to have a serious conversation with Samuel when he came back at night.

But to her surprise, Samuel didn't come home that night, or a few more nights that followed.

She tried to make a call to her phone with the telephone sets from the villa. But no matter how many times she dialed, her phone was always off.

of his pocket and turned it on. The phone soon began to buzz with lots of previous incoming calls and texts.

He scanned through the logs and found that they were almost all from Lillian, Yvonne, Lola, Melody and some of them even from Sum.

Sitting down on the bed in their bedroom, Samuel pulled himself together and dialed Harry's number.

"It's about dinner's time. Wanna have dinner with me?" Harry picked up the phone and said calmly.

"Where's your wife? And where's mine?" Confused by the question out of blue, Harry thought again and figured out what happened.

"I'm holding mine. As for yours, I have no idea." It seemed Ella didn't go to Lola.

By the time Samuel got the information, the flight that Ella took had already landed safely in France.

It's about three in the morning when Samuel received Eason's call from the other side of the world. And Eason honestly conveyed what Ella wanted from him, "She still wants a divorce from you. She hopes you could take some advice from me and sign the paper..." Eason kept on talking away.

Samuel opened his eyes angrily, "Tell Ella to think harder of what I've told her before. And I will sue Sum for harassing my wife. He will be subpoenaed within a week if I don't see her and my son before that."

Hearing Samuel's answer from Eason, Ella felt like tearing Samuel apart and eating him alive.

Eason, however, had his own business to mind. He had had enough on his plate and he decided to turn a blind eye to what was going on between his sister and Samuel. After making up his mind, Eason dropped the topic and started playing with his adorable little nephew.

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