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   Chapter 103 Tough Choice

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Sum looked down at Ella. Her face had turned pale due to anger and astonishment. He pinched her chin and kissed on her lips.

What the hell! Is Sum insane? Ella was totally irritated. She tried to push Sum away with all her strength. But she couldn't. Worse yet, her dress dropped down to the floor.

Ella turned around and buttoned the suite at once. Luckily, Sum's suite was long enough for her.

But Sum turned her around and kissed her again.

Suddenly, the room door was kicked open. Seeing the man standing at the door with a long face, Ella turned stiff with fear.

Staring at the man and woman in the room kissing each other, Samuel clenched his fists. His eyes turned red.

What the fuck!

He rushed in to separate Ella and Sum with all his strength.

Ella panicked: "Samuel, don't get us wrong. Ah..." Samuel lost his mind in anger. He pushed Ella away with all his strength.

Ella's back bumped into a bedpost. She winced in pain.

She was not able to move. The only thing she could do was watching the two wrestling.

Two women were standing at the door and watching what was going on in the room.

Emma closed the door with a smirk and walked away with Catherine. "What's happening in the room?" Catherine asked as if she was baffled by the situation.

Emma sneered, "Humph, It's a punishment to Ella for seducing my Samuel!" When she saw Ella, looking pale and sitting on the floor, she could tell Samuel was in a violent rage as expected.

They could still vaguely hear the fight in the room when they were walking on the corridor.

In the room, Ella was sitting on the floor, massaging her back while

Samuel was sitting on Sum and punching him with both


He walked closer to?Ella and showered her lips. His fancy suite was getting wet in the process.

He kept showering Ella's lips until he heard Ella's moan.

Samuel turned on the heater, took off his suite and threw it on the floor.

Ella stopped trembling when the cold water gradually turned warm.

She opened her eyes and looked into Samuel's eyes.

She dropped her head out of fear when she saw the anger in Samuel's eyes. Samuel, who had already loosened his tie, started to took off his shirt.

Then he turned Ella around, who was lost in thought.

Leaning against on the clod tile wall, Ella was frightened. She begged, "Samuel. I have promised you that I won't see Sum any more..."

Samuel ignored Ella's begging and started to unfasten his belt.


In the morning of the next day.

Ella woke up and found out that Samuel had already left.

She was feeling sour in every joint of her body and struggling even to get up.

She walked into the bathroom as she kept cursing Samuel.

She found a paper bag on the desk with all women's clothes when she came out of the bathroom after washing.

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