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   Chapter 102 Sum's Confession

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Ella replied with a smile, "Thank you. You too, Samuel." She couldn't disengage herself from Samuel's grasp. The only thing she could do was cooperate with Samuel and finish the show.

Samuel finally loosened his hold on Ella. Turning to Catherine, he walked away arm in arm with her.

Sum and Ella joined the other guests after greeting CEO Fang.

After a few moments, there was another commotion at the doorway. Joseph and Lillian had arrived.

As soon as he greeted CEO Fang, Joseph was surrounded by a lot of female guests.

Lilian was already used to this kind of situation. Evading the excited ladies, she walked towards Ella.

Seeing Lilian, Ella beamed. She loosened her arm from Sum's and gave her friend a big hug.

Lilian glanced at Sum and asked, "Ella, why aren't you with your husband? Where's Samuel?"

Ella tilted her chin towards Samuel. Looking into the direction Ella pointed, Lilian saw him chatting with some women.

"Lilian, this is my boss, Sum. He was also my classmate. Sum, this is Lilian Ye. She's Joseph's wife. You might know her."

Ella introduced the two.

Sum and Lilian politely shook hands with each other.

"Good evening, Mr. Su."

Ella took a glass of wine from the table behind them for Lilian. They chatted as they enjoyed the wine.

Yvonne Ni was the last one to show up. After greeting some acquaintances, she approached Ella and hugged her tightly.

The guests were confused at the scene. They wondered how Ella knew the superstar Yvonne, who was often abroad.

Sum had already walked away to join other businessmen. Ella introduced Yvonne to Lilian.

Ella, Lilian, and Yvonne sat beside a dessert table, chatt

d nodded, "Don't worry, Ella. But I want to tell you something first." Sam said, gazing into Ella's eyes with affection.

Ella's heart jumped at Sum's words. She remembered he once confessed his love to her in college.

"Ella, do you know why I chose to study abroad?" Sum asked sadly as he approached Ella.

"Why does he look so sad?" Ella was lost in thought. She didn't notice Sum approaching.

"Ella, I've been in love with you for almost ten years. I wanted to be a better man worthy of you, so I decided to study abroad." Sum said, putting his hands on Ella's shoulders.

"Uh..." Ella was too shocked to say anything.

"But when I came back, you had already married another man. Do you know how devastated I was when I heard the news?" Sum held Ella in his arms.

Ella wanted to push Sum away, but she couldn't let go of her dress.

"Sum..." Ella was upset. Sum knew she was married, how could he hold her this way!

"Ella, when I discovered that Samuel Shao was still dating Emma Gu, I decided to win you back. Samuel Shao is a playboy. He doesn't love you at all. He's in love with Emma Gu..."

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