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   Chapter 101 The Fang Group Anniversary Party

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Catherine was overjoyed at Samuel's words. But she told herself to act reserved. She repressed her excitement, kept a normal expression and walked out of the meeting room with colleagues.

At the Sapphire Hotel

The Fang Group booked the entire hotel for their 20th anniversary party.

The public relations department arrived at the hotel earlier than the rest to take charge of hall decorations and the guest reception.

At 7 in the evening

Guests began to arrive at the hotel. Most guests were businessmen. The others were people from all walks of life, anyone who ever had a partnership with the Fang Group.

The Fang Group invited two famous stars to liven up the party.

International superstar Joseph was one of them.

Although Joseph was married and had children, he was still popular among the ladies. Joseph's new persona as a charming husband and loving father provided him opportunities to explore movie characters that he hadn't tried before.

The other special guest was Yvonne Ni, the most popular Chinese star in Hollywood.

Catherine walked in her heels into the hotel hall, arm in arm with Samuel. At Samuel's entrance, a lot of guests approached the couple to greet him.

Catherine stood beside Samuel, watching him socialize and nodding at the few people who greeted her from time to time.

Her eyes suddenly widened in panic when she saw a familiar figure.

She loosened her arm from Samuel's and approached the figure, "Hi, Emma." "Did Emma have a previous partnership with the Fang Group?" Catherine thought to herself.

Emma initially didn't plan on attending the party. But when she heard that Samuel would come, she found an escort to accompany her to the party.

Since she was attending on behalf of her company, Emma didn't tell Samuel that she would be coming. Seeing Catherine, Emma suspected that she came with Samuel.

"Hello, Catherine. Has Samuel arrived?" Emma asked, glancing around the

Bo be so close to another man? She's a married woman!"


The scene attracted a heated discussion.

Samuel's grip was so firm that Ella had no choice but to let go of Sum. She stepped closer to Samuel

And straightened his tie. "Don't worry. I'll be back soon." Ella said, patting Samuel on his chest.

Samuel smiled, "Okay. I'll wait for you here." He bent over and kissed Ella.

"Oh my goodness! What's happening?"

"A husband is kissing his wife. That's normal."

"But people say they've already lost affection for one another, and are having affairs with other people!"

"It seems to be just a rumor."


Samuel and Ella glared at each other during their kiss. The guests were oblivious, all they could see was an affectionate couple kissing each other.

Nearby, Emma clenched her fists in anger. She caught Sum's eye and gave him a look. He was also upset.

Catherine stood behind Samuel in embarrassment. She looked away and noticed Emma looking at Sum meaningfully. Confused, she shifted her gaze between Sum and Emma doubtfully.

When the kiss ended, Ella still had her arms hooked around Samuel's neck and he kept his hands on her waist.

"Good for you! Ella." Samuel said, staring at her affectionately.

Only Ella could tell that Samuel was furious.

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