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   Chapter 100 Backfired

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Samuel's calm demeanor made Eason restrain himself.

"Tell me, why are you two quarreling? Why are you bullying my sister?" Eason didn't plan on letting Samuel off easy. He took a step forward and sat on Samuel's desk, facing his brother-in-law.

Samuel took another cigarette from the case and lit it.

"This is just regular banter between couples." Samuel's words made it seem like a simple interaction between couples, making Eason feel that he was overreacting.

"If only it were that simple. If you ever give my sister grief because of that Emma, I will come after you." Eason didn't want to bother them with his assumptions either.

Anna was the next person he needed to deal with.

Upon hearing Eason mention Emma, Samuel figured that Ella became difficult because of Emma.

"We'll deal with her." He vowed to both Eason and himself.

Eason pushed the card back, "Take this back. As her brother, I did what I had to do." He was giving the money, not loaning it.

"No, take it. I'm completely capable of supporting my own wife." At Samuel's insistence, Eason relented and took the card.

After talking to Samuel for a while, Eason walked out of the office with his arm around the girl he came with.

At the assistant's area outside the office

Anna stared at the file on her desk in a daze. She had been in this position for a couple of minutes. It wasn't until she heard movement from the door that she regained her consciousness.

Catching a glimpse of the couple walking out, she ducked her head and continued to mark the time and make notes on the document she was working on.

No one would have predicted that Eason would deliberately stand in front of her and say, "Miss Anna, I haven't seen you in a while. Did you keep my brother-in-law in line?" He gave Anna a leer as he held onto the woman.

Anna continued looking at the file without even raising her head.

Eason was a little upset, "Are you listening to me?" He tapped the file three times to em

now the identity of Jerry's real father better than you! He was certain of it.

When Ella was pregnant with Jerry, Samuel was the only man in her heart. The more he thought about it, the more he missed the old Ella.

He was telling the truth. Ella was momentarily dumbfounded. "Forget the picture." Feeling upset, Ella was about to hang up when Samuel added, "You'd better behave yourself. Otherwise..."

Ella hung up immediately.

Looking at his phone in disbelief, he resisted the urge to throw it.

He tried to calm his feelings of rage.

Ten minutes later, Samuel returned to the conference room. His face still looked terrible.

While everyone else was staring at him with shock, he pulled out his chair and threw himself on it.

Looking at Samuel's grave expression, Catherine assumed that Ella made him angry.

Tonight was the perfect opportunity for her to get close to him.

Beside Samuel, Anna spoke after everyone had given their reports, "Mr. Samuel, the Fang Group has invited you and Miss Catherine to their anniversary party tonight."

"Hm." Samuel responded noncommittally.


Samuel understood what Anna meant.

Thinking of Ella being difficult, he said, "Miss Catherine and I will attend the anniversary party together. If you don't have anything else, this meeting is over."

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