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   Chapter 99 A Visit from Eason

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Ella sent Sum a message on WeChat, "Mr. Sum, I'm not feeling very well today. May I file for a leave?"

The moment Sum saw her message, he called, "What happened? Do you need me to take you to the hospital?"

At Sum's concern, Ella took a deep breath and replied, "Thanks, but that would be unnecessary. I've taken some painkillers. I might feel better after some rest." A full night's sleep would be the best medicine for her.

"Fine. Get some rest and don't worry about the company." Hearing such considerate words made Ella feel warm despite her discomfort.

"Okay, I know."

"If you are feeling better tonight, would you like to come to the Fang Group anniversary party with me? I need a companion." Locking the door of his apartment, Sum headed towards the parking lot.

Attend the Fang Group anniversary party? As his companion? "I probably shouldn't... Sum, nasty rumors have been spreading in the company since I became your personal assistant..." Although Ella had always kept an appropriate distance from Sum, she still heard a lot of rumors about the both of them.

Sum grinned, "Ella, a clean hand needs no washing. Why bother yourself about this nonsense?" In truth, he would be pleased if something happened between him and Ella.

At Sum's words, Ella stopped worrying. She thought it would be awkward if she refused him and said, "Okay then."

"Okay. I'll call you when I get off work tonight. Have a good rest, and remember to call me if anything happens." His phone would be on 24/7 for her.

"Thanks, Mr. Sum." Ella gratefully replied as she lay in bed.

"Don't be so polite. We're schoolmates. Well, I should go to work now."

Ella nodded as Sum's soft voice floated by, "Drive safely."

Before she could put away her phone, it rang again as soon as the call ended.

She didn't even have the strength to open her eyes. She just wanted to sleep. Thinking it was Sum again, she slid the green button without looking at the phone, "Sum, what's the

for helping my wife out earlier. This is the money you gave her. The password is the last 6 digits of the card number." Samuel realized Eason had given Ella money when he had the dinner with her last night. He became skeptical when she volunteered to pay the bill.

During Ella's pregnancy, Samuel had given her an unlimited credit card that she never used.

She supported herself with the money she saved as an actress.

As a spoiled girl, she knew little about financing. She soon ran out of money with her careless spending.

It wasn't until the baby was born that Samuel discovered she had spent all of her money and started using his money. A few days ago, he found out that the card he gave her hadn't been used for a couple of weeks.

When Ella paid a 300 thousand bill last night, he realized that someone must have given her a sum of money, so she stopped using the card.

As for the source of the money? Samuel had found out this morning.

He was relieved when he realized it was Eason who had given Ella the money. At least she didn't borrow money from other men, or let them take care of her.

Though she was working in Sum's company, she earned her wages through hard work.

Eason went straight to Samuel's office as soon as he got off the plane. It was evident that he came to confront him.

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