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   Chapter 98 An Eventful Night

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After a simple statement, Samuel told the policemen "Throw him into the prison for some months."

At first, they were reluctant to cooperate with Samuel. He knew this and showed them his name card. "I'm busy, if you want me to sue him, I'll add up you two."

Two policemen changed their attitude immediately. "Wow, it's you! Mr. Shao! We will tell our superior your opinion."

"We will definitely 'look after' this asshole carefully. You have our words."

"OK." Samuel replied indifferently and walked towards Ella's home.

Feeling guilty, Ella didn't peek anymore. She ran into the bedroom and locked the door as Samuel walked in and closed the door of the flat.

Then he walked towards the bedroom.

But the door was locked.

"I count three, if you don't open the door, I'll break into the room." His voice sounded serious. Obviously it was not just a joke. He meant it.

Ella took a deep breath and opened the door, as Samuel just counted one.

"What a bothersome fly!" Ella stared at the air, waved her hand impatiently, as if she was trying to expel a fly.

A fly? She shouldn't compare him to such a disguising thing. Looking at Samuel's expression and his eyes, Ella felt scared.

"You annoy me, Ella." Samuel was a straightforward person. He would speak out his mind directly. He walked into the bedroom and took off his coat.

The bed is a bit crammed for two person, but they just have to make do with it tonight.

"Mr. Shao, do you enjoy my rejection? Why throw yourself at me even if I made you angry?" She lay against the door and felt dizzy again.

Throw myself at her? Samuel walked in front of her and put her hands on his tie. "Unfasten it for me. "

"It seems that you have got accustomed to Emma's service, but you may not enjoy the exclusive treatment here." "It's imposs..." Impossibile. He k

lla, don't abuse my patience." There was a limit to the number of rejections Colin will take from her.

Ella sat up and glared at him. "That's me. And if I am annoying to you, just leave me alone." Abuse his patience? He would never understand her feelings unless she fell in love with another man.

Samuel's expression was cold. He then turned off the light suddenly and left Ella to sit in the dark.

Then she was pressed down by him. "You have to suffer the consequence of annoying me."


It was going to be daybreak. Samuel covered Ella with a quilt and went to the bathroom.

Not being able to sleep for the rest of the night didn't seem to have any negative effect on him at all.

He walked out, looked at Ella and smiled slyly.

Samuel put on his clothes, drove to buy some breakfast for her and then went to work.

When the alarm sounded loudly, Ella didn't want to get up at all.

Finally she opened her eyes after hearing numerous alarms. She stopped the alarm clock.

After a glance at the clock, Ella realized that it was over eight o'clock.

Oh, my God. I am going to be late for work.

Ella tried her best to sit up for several minutes and finally decided to ask for leave today.

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