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   Chapter 97 A Molestation Attempt

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Ella put the goblet aside and used knife and fork adeptly to eat a little piece of steak.

The steak was delicious with a strong taste of pepper.

"This is the first time we are having a dinner like this since we dated. I hope this is also the last time." It did sound sarcastic. Even though they had been married for a long time, this should be the first time they had an enjoyable dinner like this.

Shocked by Ella's indifference, Samuel stopped eating and stared at her.

Samuel was confused by her attitude. From an obedient little girl to a vivacious girl and now to an elegant woman.

So, which one is the real Ella?

"Yeah, it's the first time..." "That's true." "But it will not be the last time." He had said he was the commander of the "Love Game". He was the only one to start or stop it.

Ella didn't speak anymore but downed another round of wine.

In fact, it was not bad to have dinner with Samuel. At least she could drink as much as she wanted. It's unnecessary to worry about the consequences after getting drunk.

However, if he stuck to it, she would keep playing with him. "All right, then please excuse me if I fight against the enemies in the 'Game'."

Her intent was clear and Samuel also understood the meaning. Eating up the pizza, he said "Doesn't annoy me, Ella."

"Well, you are not angry even if I refuse to go back with you. But you get vexed as soon as I hurt your sweetheart. Are you showing off?" Although she was deliberately looking for trouble, she still felt upset when Samuel tried to protect Emma.

Ella was too depressed to enjoy the delicacies.

"Whatever you say." Now that it is clear that she didn't understand him, it made no sense to explain too much.

As long as she went back with him, he would manage other matters.

After a brief pause, Ella said "Yes, my opinion means nothing. Yours is of importance."


er a crisp sound.

His face became pale. He was sweating buckets. He was too anguished to say anything.

Samuel threw him to the ground, took out his phone and called 110.

After telling police the address, he took his coat and pointed to the door behind Ella. "Get inside first."

Ella nodded, took out the keys, opened the door and got inside.

With the door half opened, Ella looked out through the crack of the door.

She saw Samuel kicking the man again and warning him. "You will regret through your whole life for molesting my girl!"

"I'm sorry..." "My distinguished gentleman, please forgive me." The man struggled on the ground and begged for mercy.

"Now you know your mistake?" "It's too late!" "You'll be prosecuted." "And it will be impossible for you to get out of the prison in less than ten years."

On hearing that, the man realized that Samuel was not an ordinary person.

He tried to stand up and used all his strength to kneel down before Samuel. "Please forgive me..." Samuel then took a step back. The man begged for mercy again and again.

Samuel put his coat on and kicked him angrily. "Stand up if you are a true man."

The man didn't dare to stand up and keep on begging. Two policemen arrived on the scene.

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