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   Chapter 95 A Separation and Re-joining

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Eason noticed that there was something wrong with Ella, "Ella, what's up with you and Samuel?" Ella turned paler at his inquisitive query.

"Please transfer some money to my account. My phone got broken. I need a new one. I'll tell you everything later." She was calling him from a phone booth. There was no privacy.

Eason restrained his anger, "Okay, I'll transfer some money. But call me back in an hour."

Ella sighed when she hung up the phone. Then she went to the shopping mall.

It took her half an hour to reach there. She took out her only bank card and started to look for an ATM machine.

Tears welled from her eyes when she saw that Eason transferred a million to her account.

She drew some money, put it in her handbag and went to buy a phone.

At the 58th minute, she finally managed to call Eason with her new phone.

"Eason, it's me." She walked slowly along the road.

"Tell me what happened, now." Eason was booking flight tickets online. He must come back to see what happened.

Ella raised her head, and winked back the tears in her eyes. "Nothing serious. I just had a fight with him." Afraid that Eason would not believe her, she added quickly, "I have Samuel's credit card with me. It has no limit. But I am angry. I do not want to use his money."

She didn't tell him that they were getting divorced. Her elder brother was abroad. She didn't want to worry him too much.

"Why did you fight?" It was pretty normal for a couple to quarrel with each other occasionally. But its seriousness depended on why they quarreled with each other and what consequences it had. Eason instinctively felt that his sister was hiding something from him.

Why did they quarrel? The question reminded Ella of Emma and Catherine Gu, and of her mother-in-law. She answered, "We quarreled for silly issues. The two of us don't have the same character. We would quarrel over some disagreements."

Eason didn't believe a word she said.

"I see. Contact me if there's anything else I can help." He hung up the phone and dialed Samuel's number.


vorce agreement is not legit." He pulled her over to face him.

Ella looked away and averted his eyes.

"We share the same bed but love others. Why is Mr. Shao so tenacious?" There was a touch of irony in her tone.

He ignored that and kissed her on her lips. "Come back home with me."

But Ella angrily wiped her lips with the back of her hand, as if something dirty just touched her. Samuel's eyes darkened when he saw that.

When she put her hand down, Samuel held her tight, and started kissing her ferociously.

Ella's hands hit him hard on the chest, but Samuel did not care, forcing her to the bedroom door behind her.

He stretched out his hand, pushed open the bedroom door, and they entered her secret world.

The bed, less than two meters wide, was covered with a pink-white four-piece suit, lying against the wall.

Two of Jerry's photographs were on her nightstand.

She fell down to the bed. And a romantic atmosphere spread.

Samuel's hand was caressing her lower belly. Ella trembled and suddenly realized what was going on. She pushed Samuel away with all her strength, And glared at him breathlessly, "What now? Is it because Miss Gu can't satisfy you due to the car accident that you've come to me instead?" What did he think she is?

Samuel didn't answer. He took off his suit jacket, threw it on the couch next to him and untied his tie.

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