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   Chapter 94 Breaking Free

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"Yes it's her. Please. wait for me at home. I have to make sure that she gets a blood transfusion, and I'll be back." Samuel pleaded. His voice was gentle and his face concocted with emotion. Ella shook her head and followed him home, but her face was expressionless, as if she was merely a shell.

When they arrived at the old house, Samuel walked Ella to the living room, told her to wait for him, and left for the hospital.

Not long after he left, Ella left the old house too.

She went back to the villa.

She went upstairs and prepared a bath. The rain had completely ruined her phone, so she called Melody with the telephone in the house, and told her that she was alright.

She asked about Jerry, and satisfied that he was okay too, she hanged up the phone and proceeded to take a bath, and went to sleep.

The next day was a sunny day. Ella got up, and packed her things. She had made her final decision, and nothing or noone could change her mind.

She took a taxi to the hospital. The wound on her hand was almost healed, but after the rain last night, it seemed to have gotten worse. She needed Chuck to tend to it.

When she arrived at the hospital where Chucked worked, the receptionist told her that Chuck was in the ward on the 3rd floor.

Ella waited for him for almost a half an hour, but he didn't came down. So she decided to go upstairs to see what was going on.

The smoking area on the 3rd floor.

Samuel put out another cigarette, and went into a private ward.

Wearing a mask, Chuck was looking at the medical equipment by the hospital bed. When he saw Samuel, he said, "The patient's condition is stable, except for a broken arm, and there is nothing seriously wrong with her. She is expected to wake up soon."

Samuel nodded slightly. "Then, can you find two senior nurses to take care of her. I have to go." There was something wrong with Ella. He needed to go back.

But when he stepped out of the room, Emma gradually woke up. "Sam..." Her soft voice held him back.

"She is awake." Chuck called out to him. Samuel hesitated to turn back. His loyalties were split.

He turned back to look at Emma and she was staring at him.

It meant that deep down, she still loved... Samuel.

Samuel impatiently closed his eyes, turned around and walked to the hospital bed.

Emma still looked pale, but her eyes were open. She looked excited to see him.

Chuck assessed Emma's condition through asking her a few questions. He recorded her answers on her medical chart as well as his notes.

Emma reached out for Samuel's hand and held it tight, "Am I going to die?" Emma murmured, her eyes blankly staring at him.

"Stop guessing. Your situation is stabilized now." Samuel gave her a reassuring pat on her wrist and then tried to pull his hand away. She did not let go.

Outside in the corridor, Ella was looking in each ward in search of Chuck.

When she was about to give up, she happened to peak a familiar figure in the last ward. The man was as tall as Chuck. She stopped and took a closer look.

It was indeed Chuck. He was writing something down in a notebook.

Next to him, there were a man and a woman, their hands interlinked. The man standing by the bed had his back to her and she couldn't see his face.

She had meant to knock on the door, but the man with his back to her suddenly turned and looked at Chuck.

Her hand froze mid-air when she saw his face. Her eyes fixed on him and she couldn't simply move.

Then her hand drooped feebly like she had lost all her strength. Two nurses came along, and Ella walked away before they opened the door.

The door of the ward opened, and Samuel lo

oked over. He saw a figure running behind the two nurses.

At that instant, a strong sensation overcame him and he had a strong feeling that it was Ella.

He mercilessly shook off Emma's hand, and ran out of the door.

The corridor was empty. So, he ran to the elevator, But could not see the figure again. Samuel shook his head. Was that an illusion generated from his lack of sleep?

He had to go back into the ward to tell them he was leaving.

When he left the elevator, a woman in white coat came out of the corner.

Ella's eyes were red because of crying as she watched him walking back to the ward. "Goodbye Samuel, " she whispered.

She left the hospital for the cemetery, her heart broken.

Back in the hospital, Chuck and Samuel walked out of the ward together and parted ways. Chuck went back to his office.

The receptionist stopped him, "Mr. Si, a patient was looking for you. I told her you were on the 3rd floor, and she went upstairs. Have you seen her?"

"A patient?" Chuck was puzzled.

"Yes, the girl who came here twice for her hand was hurt." She remembered that girl very clearly because last time she went directly into Chuck's office.

Ella? Chuck now knew who she meant. But had Ella come upstairs? He thought. He didn't see her.

And then he remembered that Samuel ran out of the ward in a hurry and came back with a sullen expression on his face. Was it because he saw Ella?

"I see. Thanks." Chuck calmly thanked her, went back to his office and called Samuel.

Samuel was about to start his car when Chuck called. He turned off the engine and answered the phone, "What's up?"

"Ella came to the hospital just now. She went to the third floor to find me. Did you go after her?" Samuel's suspicions were right. Had Ella seen Emma holding his hand, and was jealous? Samuel thought.

It had to be her. Samuel leaned back and closed his eyes.

"Okay. I'll call her."

He ended the conversation, and called Ella. But Ella's phone was off.

Then he called Melody. After a long while someone answered, "Master Samuel, Mrs. Han is upstairs, please hold on for a while." It was Mrs. Qi who answered the call.

"No, thanks, Mrs. Qi. I'm looking for Ella. Is she there now?"

"No, Mrs. Shao left yesterday night."

Samuel became worried. "Does grandma know where she went?"

"Oh! I was there when Lady Ella called Mrs. Han. She went to the villa."

Samuel was so much relieved to know she went back to the villa. "I see, thank you."

Samuel hung up the phone, and drove to the villa.

When he arrived, the ground floor was empty. He headed upstairs to the second floor directly.

But there was no one in the bedroom on the second floor. He looked around and there was no one in any room. So Ella was not home.

And her phone was off. Samuel had no choice but to take a bath and change his clothes first.

When he came out of the cloakroom, the cotton quilt on the bed was folded neatly, and a stack of A4 paper on the bedside table attracted his attention.

Didn't he leave the divorce papers in his study? How could they be here?

Something caught his attention when he was about to put the documents back into his study. He quickly turned to the last page, and sure enough, there was a name signed in the lower right corner.

Ella Bo.

At the same time, Ella came out of the cemetery and made a phone call to her eldest brother.

"Brother, I need to borrow some money... " It was a bit hard for Ella to ask for help. She had always been independent. But she didn't want to use Samuel's credit card. And she had used all her savings when she was pregnant. She had no one else to turn too.

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