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   Chapter 91 From Insults to Pleas; Harry's Plan.

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"Hello..." He picked up the phone eventually, with an inkling of what the phone call was about.

"Samuel, don't you think she needs to apologize to us?" Emma's voice was soft, contrary to her bossy nature. This made Samuel wonder if it was the same Emma he was used to.

"I'm busy today. Maybe we should talk about this some other time." He answered perfunctorily, showing no intention to further delve into the topic.

"Samuel!" Emma responded, her voice dripping with anxiety, "Listen to me. If Ella apologizes to us, then I will let it go."

Emma's compromise left nothing for Samuel to say. "Fine. We will come meet you, where are you right now?"

Then the call ended soon after.

He glanced at Ella and took a deep breathe. Then, he turned the car around and followed the directions that Emma had given him.

Ella sat confused, wondering why Samuel had turned the car around. "Where are we going?" She asked quizzically. They sat there in silence for a while. Ella couldn't help but wonder what had changed. Who was on the phone? Why is he quiet? She thought to herself.

Just before she could bring up the same question, Samuel responded "We're gonna see two people."

Ella wanted to ask who these two people were, but she knew from the tone of his voice that he didn't want any more questions. They continued to sit in silence as they inched closer to their destination.

20 minutes later, At the Dominator Coffee Shop.

Samuel led Ella, who was straddling baby Jerry on her hip, to a room on the second floor.

Pushing the door open, Ella frowned when she saw Emma and Catherine, inside.

So this is who we were going to meet? She thought, as she looked at Samuel and shot him a menacing look.

Samuel ignored the expression on her face and pulled out a chair for her to sit on. Ella received the gesture and sat on it, placing Jerry on her lap.

Emma and Catherine's faces were still visibly scarred, which consequently vented Ella.

An awkward silence fell on the room, and the tension between the four individuals grew as they waited for their coffee to arrive.

As Ella was amusing her son leisurely, Samuel spoke with a low voice, "Ella, apologize to Emma and Catherine."

Immediately, Ella's eyes shot up in astonishment. She couldn't believe that he would ask her to apologize to them after all that had happened. Her heart broke, but she didn't want them seeing her breakdown. So she feigned annoyance, to keep her mind away from crying.

She diverted her eyes to the two sisters, who were eagerly waiting to hear her response. But in return, all they saw was Ella grinning. Then she spoke, " So you two ladies want him that badly? Well, he's yours. I want nothing to do with him. You're welcome!" Then Ella stood up, kicked the chair out of her way, opened the door and walked out with her son snuggled closely in her arms.

Samuel had predicted that she would be resistant, "Ella." She could clearly hear his low boo

ely said no to him, so it came as a surprise when Samuel did. But Harry knew what was going on in Samuel's life and pitied him.

He finished his tea and placed the ceramic cup on the table and left, without saying another word.

A half hour later.

Harry's phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and picked it up.

"Hello Samuel, have you changed your mind about that drink?"

"Yes. You win. I'll take two bottles of white spirit. I need to blow off some steam, let's get drunk at your place."

Samuel spoke on the other end of the line. "Okay, see you in an hour." Harry confirmed.

Harry could feel the wheels turning, and his plan set in motion. He would finally have some form of normalcy back in his family life, once Samuel saw Ella at his house.

An hour later, Samuel appeared at the door of the castle. Harry opened the door and exclaimed, "Come in." Some hours later, with glasses of vodka in their hands, Harry and Samuel found themselves upstairs in the dance studio. Harry knew that they would be in there, and so it was part of his plan to ensure that Samuel knew his wife was here.

His wife and Ella were in the midst of teaching their four kids how to dance in the big dance room. The room was surrounded by four giant mirrors.

Nicole was dancing ballet like a professional dancer. Sally and Daniel were watching their sister admiringly. As for Jerry, he was crawling around on the white floor.

Samuel didn't notice Jerry at first, as his gaze was fixed on his slender and flexible wife. Ella had not practiced dancing for a long time, so she was working hard on splits with her head bent forward so she didn't see the two men walk in. Samuel could hear his son's burbles, "Yaa... Pa... Pa...

Yee." Samuel placed his vodka glass on a nearby table and picked up his cooing son. He rocked him back and forth and tickled his baby feet, bathing in his son's laughter. Samuel then turned to gaze at Ella. He still hoped that she loved him.

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