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   Chapter 90 Men Are Natural-born Cheaters

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After some time, Viola rushed in with things for Jerry. "Jerry must be hungry, " said Viola, with a milk bottle and powder in her hands. The family started to get on with feeding the Jerry.

Samuel washed himself. A nurse brought them breakfast prepared?by the hospital.

The breakfast was hearty enough for a VIP ward.

While Viola fed Jerry, Ella and Samuel had a quick breakfast.

The nurse came in again to check Jerry's temperature. It has come down to 37.7°C. The nurse then put another fever-cooling patch on Jerry's forehead. Before leaving the room, the nurse reminded them to feed the kid some antipyretics.

Chuck came in later. He checked Jerry's body and found the boy was fine. If his body temperature would go back to normal levels, he could go home.

Then Ella said to Samuel: "You can go to work now. I'll take care of him." He was kind of busy these days and his presence was not necessary there.

Ella was ready to go to the graveyard. But she had to reschedule it, since Jerry became ill.

She took out the phone to send a message to Sum.

"It is fine. We'll see it in the afternoon." Samuel cooled the hot water and poured it into the bottle, so that Jerry could drink the water himself without his help.

Ella didn't say anything. She texted Sum: "Sum, I was supposed to go to the company tomorrow, but my son got fever. So I won't be there until he recovers. Sorry for that."

Hardly had she put her phone in her pocket when she received a message: "Is Jerry okay now? Which hospital are you in? I'm coming there."

His sincere concerns touched Ella deeply. "Sum is so sweet, " she thought to herself.

But she declined his kind offer by texting "Don't worry. Jerry is fine now. He would go home this afternoon if things become normal again."

However, she got a reply for this only after two minutes. Meanwhile Samuel stepped in quickly and grasped the phone.

He scrolled through?some?of?her conversations with Sum and looked a bit angry.

"Do you still plan to work in his company?" Why can't she bear S

rom the bed and held him tightly in her arms, while playing with him.

"haha……" The baby?chuckled?happily, making Daisy even more excited.

For a moment she really hoped she can also have a cute little baby one day with whom she can play every day.

"You and Chuck could try to have one." Samuel leaned against the wallpaper-covered wall, giving Chuck a casual glance.

"We are working on that, " Chuck replied calmly. Unfortunately, Daisy's body conditions make her less likely to conceive. It is a matter of playing with the odds.

"Who is working with you?" Daisy denied with a red face. She stared at Chuck coldly. What a shameless person!

"I did not say with whom to work, "

Daisy's face paled on hearing Chuck's words. She nodded understandingly. "It turned out that Chuck cannot forget Rosy."

While the two exchanged words, Ella noticed that Samuel was quite enjoying the drama. She even drew a conclusion that " Men are natural-born cheaters."

Daisy looked at her and smiled "I agree."

Hatred was sowed in the hearts of the two speechless men in the ward.

Jerry had a relatively strong immune system, as he got into a good shape by the afternoon.

They returned to their villa:

The Royal Mansion

When Samuel brought the car to a halt, the cell phone rang. Ella also stopped moving when she saw the expression on Samuel's face.

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