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   Chapter 87 A Fight Breaks Out

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"Samuel, am I the one to be bullied?" Samuel frowned at her words.

Samuel was slowly figuring out what was going on. Emma continued: "Ella Bo is bullying me with the help of several women. Samuel, can you control her? I haven't goaded her!"

Emma really didn't have any advantages in facing five unusual women.

"You can hide from them." What a simple truth! Didn't she know it? He did not want to get involved in women's fight.

Emma was mad at Samuel's words. But Ella Bo swung into action before Emma said anything.

She got off the couch, snatched Emma's mobile phone and shoved her. Emma was wearing high heels. She did not expect the shove and dropped backward, "Ah!" Samuel heard her scream.

"Samuel, you must want to protect your weak ex-girlfriend." There was a strong sense of sarcasm in the familiar female voice.

Samuel massaged his aching brow, "Don't make any trouble for me." This little woman refused to mend her ways even after repeated education!

"Make any trouble? Samuel, let me tell you, I'm going to make troubles for you today. Go to the hospital and see your little sweetheart!" After saying this, Ella simply threw Emma's phone into the waterglass on the tea table.

The phone would be damaged.

The other four women clapped, "Well done!" Ella got the thumbs up from Lola.

On seeing this, the salespeople ran away. They just dared to eavesdrop and did not come closer.

Some customers left the scene.

Catherine lifted up Emma. "Ella Bo, you're way out of the line. What did my sister do to you? Why do you bully her?"

Good! Catherine finally opened her mouth. Ella walked up to her and smiled, "Miss Gu, you must be aware of what slander is!"

Catherine's heart flipped, "Of course I know it." But she did not know what Ella Bo

We were no match for them."

The door of the office opened, and Joseph came in at the precise moment when Emma brought about Lilian's name over phone.

"Joseph's wife Lilian belittled me that I was worthless. I didn't offend her..."

"I did not expect that Harry's wife Lola would be an accomplice... You can imagine the extent that we were bullied by them."

"Samuel, I beg you to discipline her..."


The four men in the office looked at each other.

They were wondering what made her cry like this. They couldn't imagine what she must have been through.

But nobody pitied them, because it was their wives who did this.

"Samuel, are you there?" There was silence on the line, which made Emma a little bit flustered.

"I got it. I'll pay your medical expenses." Samuel finally picked up the phone and responded indifferently.

Ella was mad at Samuel's words. She gasped for breath and then said, "Samuel, you know the key point is not the medical expense!"

"I know. I've got this. I'm going to visit you tomorrow. Take rest." Samuel repressed the irritability in his mind. He wanted to hang up the phone long back.

The sobbing Emma too hung up the phone.

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