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   Chapter 86 I Won't Let Them Get Away

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To hide her discomfort from Chuck, Daisy asked Ella, "Are you free tonight? Let's go out and have fun."

Ella thought for a while and decided that Samuel was too busy to think of her. And her son was being taken care of by three elders, so it would be fine. "Sure!" She readily agreed.

The death of her parents was a huge blow to her. Catherine and Emma also gave her a lot of pressure. She really wanted to go out and relax a bit.

They made a deal, completely ignoring Chuck.

Daisy took out her phone and checked WeChat, opening their group chat of 8, "Let's invite Anna and Lola out too." More people, more fun.

Ella agreed. Sitting in Chuck's office, they started chatting with Anna and Lola on WeChat.

They were so engrossed in their conversation, that the four men in the group chat couldn't take part and had to quietly watch them cheerfully talk with each other.

Far away abroad, Eason's heart was itching with impatience. He didn't know what he wanted, but he felt restless.

In the assistant area, Anna was happily reading the conversation. She figured she would have to take a leave.

On WeChat, the four women decided to go out and shop, eat, and sing in KTV.

Typing on their phones, Ella and Daisy walked out of the office.

They were so focused that they forgot Chuck was with them. Chuck couldn't believe that Daisy had completely ignored him, and felt very upset.

When they left the hospital, Ella also added Joseph Li and Lilian Ye to their WeChat group since they were also in C country.

In the end, the five women met in a shopping mall.

Since they were living luxuriously, they all looked more stunning than everyone else.

Together, their fashionable attire and beautiful faces caught every man's attention.

Each of the five women had a better background than the rest, and every time they entered a store, they all enjoyed the best treatment.

At the Beautiful Girl

Catherine was on vacation today, so she went out shopp

, since he could accept all kinds of women." Ella glanced at Catherine as she stood silently. When she thought about it carefully, she realized that Catherine was smarter and more sophisticated than Emma.

Emma was too angry to say a word. Reigning in her emotions, she took out her phone and opened Samuel's number with a sneer, "How about I call Sam now, and let him judge?"

At Emma's words, Ella started to falter. Which side would Samuel pick? The woman he loved, or the woman he married?

Lilian helped her, "Ella, let her call Samuel. If your husband chose her, he's a hopeless jerk. It won't be a loss for you to dump him."

Finding her words reasonable, Ella smiled triumphantly. "Yes, Miss Gu. Let's take that bet."

Emma bit her teeth and dialled Samuel's phone number. Did they think she was afraid?

The phone call went through, "Sam...." Emma's saccharine voice almost made Ella vomit.

Samuel! How dare he answer her phone call! She would remember that!

Samuel was watching the company's monitoring video as he was leaving work. He discovered that the person who went to his office yesterday and took pictures was exactly who he suspected.

When the phone rang, he answered the call without checking who it was.

Hearing Emma's soft voice, Samuel was silent for a moment, "Out with it."

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