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   Chapter 84 Payback Time

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However, nobody responded to her.

Viola sat on the couch angrily, absorbed in her thoughts. What could she do to make Samuel divorce this woman? The woman was full of schemes. How dare she hire people to assault Emma!

What an unruly woman she was! No way! She had to convince Samuel to divorce that woman and marry her beloved Emma!

In the room.

Samuel gently put Jerry on the bed and covered him with a blanket. The weather was getting colder recently.

Seeing Samuel's gentle side, Ella was at a loss for words. Samuel hadn't been nice to her for a long time.

Feeling Ella's eyes, Samuel dimmed the lights in the bedroom.

With the lights in the room dimmed, the atmosphere grew heavy.

Ella went towards the cloakroom in a hurry. The footsteps behind her made her breath quicken.

The faster she walked, the faster he followed. Within a few steps, Samuel stepped in front of her, blocking her way.

He stepped forward, looking at a nervous Ella.

Feeling his sharp eyes, Ella was scared and stepped back.

He continued to step forward as she continued to step back. Soon, there wasn't any space left to move.

Samuel took off his black jacket and threw it on the couch nearby. He was wearing a white casual shirt underneath.

He stretched his arms on the closet Ella was leaning on, caging her in his arms.

"Ella Bo, let me get even with you." His voice was light, but had a hint of danger.

Ella shook her head immediately. To prevent him from going further, she blurted out, "Don't you feel sick doing this with a malevolent woman?"

"No, I'll eventually tame your malevolence to kindness." He declared firmly, approaching her slowly.

There was no distance between them anymore.

Feeling his breath, Ella took a deep breath and said sarcastically, "Tame? Don't forget the old saying. It's easy to change rivers and mountains, but d

father wanted to have a son or daughter with another woman, how would you feel?"

Viola was too angry to say a word. What an ungrateful and vicious son! He forgot his mother after getting married.

Seeing Samuel handle Viola well, Melody smiled secretly. She cleared her throat and said, "Samuel, you should restrain yourself even if you are young. Everyone in the villa heard you last night."

"Grandma, you're wrong. I was punishing her for disobedience. If Ella gets up before noon, tell me." Because he bet she couldn't get up as usual. But if he was wrong, he would continue until he was satisfied with her waking time.

Vincent looked at his son strangely and wondered when Samuel became so shameless.

"Samuel, be nice to Ella. Don't hang around with disreputable women." Because Samuel was an excellent son, Vincent seldom scolded him.

"I know, Dad." Samuel agreed happily. He was pretty satisfied with Ella at the moment, and was willing to postpone divorcing her.

Viola stood up and looked at her son unhappily, "Samuel, you know what Ella has done to Emma! Knowing Emma was allergic to pepper, she deliberately put pepper in her food. She also hired men to assault Emma. She's a malicious person. Are you out of your mind?"

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