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   Chapter 81 A Small Tragedy

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Samuel took a look at the woman with red-rimmed eyes and an expectant look on her face. He took a drag on his cigarette, "If Miss Gu is willing to wait, you can wait until I divorce Ella." Pausing for a moment, he pondered whether, if Ella improved her behavior, he would really have to give up on her.

Samuel wanted Catherine to understand that he didn't want her. She shouldn't concentrate on him any more.

He thought Catherine would understand it, but he was wrong.

Boldly, Catherine took a few steps forward. At this distance, Samuel could clearly see the outline of the bruise on her face, covered in heavy foundation.

She placed her hand on his waist and squeezed her fingers. Feeling his breath, she whispered in his ear, "Samuel, I'm willing to wait.." As long as he was willing to divorce Ella, she was willing to wait as long as it took.

The office door creaked open, but neither Catherine of Samuel heard the noice. Samuel frowned at the woman in his arms. Neither of them noticed the man at the door, snapping photos on his camera phone.

Samuel crushed his cigarette in the ashtray and pushed Catherine away, "Get out!" His cold expression frightened Catherine.

What was she doing? The relationship between her cousin and Samuel was not clear yet. She shouldn't expose her thoughts.

Besides, his divorce wasn't settled yet. Why was Catherine being so hasty and forward.

Calming down a bit, Catherine returned to her normal, bubbly self. "Mr. Shao, I will not pursue the matter any more. But I refuse to leave the firm. This is all because I'm waiting for you." With these words, she walked towards the door.

""Don't waste your time on me. It's not going to work out." Turning the doorknob, Catherine suddenly noticed that the door had been unlocked.

"Whether it does work or not, I know the answer. Mr. Shao, I've loved you for eight years. She turned her head, looking at Samuel confidently. There was no turning back now.

After Catherine left the room, Samuel sat in his office chair. He was shocked by her brazenness. Honestly, in eight years of

r to give Samuel a chance to go after Ella.

Alas! She had always tried to teach him well, but he had grown into an intolerable man.

Samuel drummed the table with his forefinger, "No need to do it." There was nothing to it, nothing to explain.

Furious, Melody gave Jerry back to Samuel and left the living room.

Walking so quickly, it was scarcely possible to think that she already nearly 80 years old.

Jerry looked at his dad and smiled, showing a few teeth.

Caught up in the commotion of the moment, both Melody and Ella had forgotten to dress the baby in a diaper. At this moment a small tragedy occurred.

Jerry, wearing an open-crotch pant, faced Samuel and sat on his leg. Looking at his son, Samuel smiled for the first time that day.

And then, suddenly.. A gush of warm fluid sprayed onto Samuel's face.


Taking a moment to realize what had happened, Samuel looked angrily at his son.

How dare Jerry pee on his face! He ought to be spanked!

Samuel let out a long sigh, grabbed the boy by the back of his pants and walked upstairs.

Jerry, delighted to be suddenly airborne, laughed all the way up the stairs.

In the bedroom

Ella was blowing on a cup of boiling water when Samuel opened the bedroom door from outside. At first glance, she could see the frustration on his face. He was dripping from his head and shoulders. What had happened?

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