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   Chapter 80 Catherine’s Heart

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Ella was in the hallway, talking to Eason on the phone.

"… I'm good… Eason you should work and and make more money. Who knows? If one day I'm running low, I'll need you to get my back! … I was just kidding!" Ella bowed her head slightly and kicked her right foot playfully around in the air.

Failing to notice a pair of eyes gazing intently at her, Ella continued talking with Eason. "I'll definitely take Jerry to France when I have the time.. He's in Chuck's office. I'm on the road now. OK, bye, Eason."

After she hung up the phone. Ella stared down at the blank screen. If Samuel ever really did leave her one day, at least she could count on her brother. This thought brought her great relief.

After dazing off for a few minutes. Ella turned around and headed for the hospital exit. A man, suddenly stepped in front of her. He had been leaning against the wall watching her.

Where did this man come from?

After looking over each other for a few seconds, Ella briefly greeted Chuck before walking towards the elevator.

Samuel also followed behind. She felt him closing in as he walked out of the hospital entrance. Ella walked straight out of the hospital and down the road. Watching her carefully, Samuel hopped in his car and drove after her.

Samuel's Porsche slowly pulled up beside her and the passenger window rolled down. "Ella, get in the car." Ella felt that she could not defy his command.

However, Ella had no intention of getting in the car. She walked on in silence.

Just as Samuel voice was beginning to rise, Ella hailed a cab.

Watching the cab disappear, Samuel pounded the steering wheel with his fists. How dare you! Ella Bo. You were the one who messed up! Do you feel no shame?

Ella told the taxi driver to take her to the old house. She was planning to see Melody and Jerry.

Half way to the house, she remembered the cut on her hand. How was she going to explain it to grandma?

Could she tell her the truth? No. She didn't want to worry her any further.

Ella walked up the front door and rang the door bell. Jerry was driving a little toy car, and Melody was playfully chasing after him.

Noticing something off in Ella, Melody

ys because of you. Besides, you're fine. We can settle this privately. You don't need to press charges." Until the ink dried on their divorce contract, Samuel would not allow anyone to hurt his wife. Except for himself, that is..

No matter what kind of person she was, he would teach her a lesson. It was none of other people's business.

After the divorce he would cease to care about what happened to Ella Bo.

"How can you keep protecting her? You know my cousin's been waiting for you. Aren't you at least worried about what might happen to her?" Catherine couldn't help mentioning Emma. Samuel could be her man or Emma's man. But Ella Bo was not an option.

Samuel flicked the ash, holding the cigarette between his fingers. Catherine's words made him lost in deep thought.

"I've told her that it's over. You should help persuade her to find a better man." As long as he was still married, Samuel didn't even want to think about other women.

Catherine felt her knees shaking, but summoned the courage to blurt out, "Mr. Shao, if you ever divorce Ella some day… Would you consider me?"

Her voice was quiet and timid, but enough for Samuel to hear clearly.

She was holding out on a prayer that without Emma in the picture, maybe Samuel could fall for her.

But Samuel had only ever had room for two women in his heart, and Catherine wasn't one of them. Now with Emma no longer inside it, it seemed there was only room for one. Ella Bo.

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