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   Chapter 79 Bite Down If It Hurts

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The packaging read 'Levonorgestrel Tablets'.

Samuel's face grew dark. He turned to Ella suddenly with a look of horror on his face and slapped off the glass in her hand.

The kitchen floor was marble, and the glass shattered instantly.

The sound of shattering glass started Joy Liu who was busy in the kitchen.

Accustomed to keeping to herself, Joy closed the door and left, as if nothing had happened.

Samuel grabbed Ella's face with his right hand and stared into her eyes. "Who gave you these pills?" Samuel's eyes seemed to pop out of his head in anger.

Ella grabbed his wrist and tried to shake her face free from his grasp.

"Who gave them to you?!" Samuel's voice was getting louder as he shook Ella's head.

"Don't you want a divorce? Why would I give you another child?" Ella said in pain. Her jaw ached under the pressure of Samuel's hand.

Yesterday had been the latest day for her period to come. Having not occurred he had moved on to protective measures.

Samuel's eyes were red and seemed to bulge out of his head with fury, "You may have just killed my unborn daughter! Murderer!" After saying this last word, he threw her away violently.

Ella fell to the ground in a squat. She accidentally pressed her left palm into a shard of glass.

"Ah!" Biting her lower lip in pain, she lifted her hand to have a look. Several shards of glass were sticking out of it.

Small drops of blood fell to the ground and her face turned pale.

Hearing her cry out, Samuel, who was heading out the door, stopped and turned.

Watching Ella sitting helplessly, with blood dripping to the ground, Samuel's pace quickened. He walked over to her, put his arm over her shoulders and rushed her outside.

In a bit of a panic, Samuel put Ella in the back seat of his porsche and dialed Chuck's number.

"Go straight to the hospital. I'll be there in just a moment."

Chuck was in the midst of taking a half-empty glass of milk from Daisy.

Hearing the urgency in Samuel's voice, Chuck let go of the glass, which in turn spilled all over Daisy's face. Daisy sat dripping with milk.

"Chuck!!" Daisy shrieked at Chuck, who was busy changing his shoes.

Chuck took a look at the milk-soaked Daisy and gave her a

and wrapped her hand with gauze.

"Don't press on the wound or get it wet. Come in tomorrow and we'll change the dressing." Chuck spoke to the couple while packing up his things.

Suddenly, Ella's pocket began to vibrate. She quickly pulled out her phone with her good hand.

She pressed answer as she walked out of the doctor's office.

As Samuel began follow her, Chuck stopped packing his things. He spoke softly, "Samuel."

Samuel turned around in confusion. "Well? The bill?"

... Chuck felt the strange impulse to throw a scalpel at Samuel. The two men stood staring at one another.

"Spit it out!" Samuel was clearly in a rush.

"What's going on Samuel? Between you and Ella?" Chuck hadn't seen them for a while, but they seemed like different people.

Samuel cocked an eyebrow. "Nothing. Everything is fine. How about you worry about your own wife, huh? We're fine." After all, Samuel's issues with Ella were not something which could be quickly summarized.

"Ella is a nice girl. Don't hurt her." Chuck was not the type to worry about other's business. If Ella had not been like a sister to him, he would have likely stayed silent.

Samuel reacted to Chuck's by frowning and sneering at the doctor. "Don't be fooled by what you see. She's not what you think she is." With that, Samuel turned and left the room. Chuck remained behind puzzling over what she had heard.

There must be something else behind this! How could anyone ever think Ella was a problem..

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