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   Chapter 77 It’s Been Over 24 Hours

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"Someone has reported you for assault. The other party is pressing charges and will not accept private mediation." Before she could begin to protest, Ella was forced into the back of the police car.

Twenty minutes later, Ella's belongings were likewise confiscated. Afterwards she was placed in a small, oddly TV-set-like, jail cell. A small room with iron bars.

As Ella was pushed into the jail cell she noticed another woman, sitting on the floor squinting at the intrusion.

Ella quickly surveyed the cell, her mind blank.

Trying to keep herself calm, Ella squatted down in a corner of the room and placed her arms around her knees.

30 minutes later, a serious-looking policewoman opened the cell door and asked Ella to come out to, "record your confession."

The policemen shuffled around the station busily, caught up in various matters. Several people, clearly injured through extortion, stood lifelessly around.

The two women, sat face to face.

"Ella." This serious, though undeniably beautiful policewoman said her name in a grave tone.


"Last night, do you admit that that in the alley adjacent to 'the Dominator' on Shengli Road, you assaulted Miss Catherine and propositioned a man to rape her?"

"I admit to the first part, but deny the second." Ella's voice flat and unemotional. She was good at hiding her feelings from others.

The policewoman looked her over curiously, and said in an even more serious tone, "We show leniency to those who confess, and severity to those who refuse."

"I refuse to admit to something I didn't do." Ella was a firm believer in the value of chastity, she would never take part in the latter accusation. Although she hated Catherine, beating her was enough.

"Stop lying, only honesty can save you now." The policewoman, though young, was experienced. She had been through 'the run-around' many times. She set down her pen and looked at Ella, who had wrapped her arms around her shoulders.

Ella leaned forward and looked at the policewoman with a similar, solemn expression. "I'll say it again. I admit to the first crime, but not to the second."

After about half an hour, the policewoman grabbed her recording device and notebook and stood up. "Wait for the law-suit proceedings then.." With that, the policewoman stood up

reds of missed calls appeared. Some from Anna, some from Eason, some from clients and many from his grandmother.

He immediately made a call to the home villa, where Joy Liu promptly answered. Joy gave him the same story she had given Melody and Eason: "Mrs. Ella's car is still parked at the front door. I haven't seen her since yesterday."

At once Samuel was convinced that something bad had happened to Ella.

Samuel went upstairs and changed out of his sailing attire. He grabbed a bag and headed out the door on his way to Country C.

It was 12 p.m., when Samuel finally found Ella.

The door of the detention room open, he saw a small, pitiful figure hunched in the corner of the cell.

Consumed with feeling of pity and self-hate, Samuel felt his anger towards Ella evaporate.

When she heard the sound of the cell door opening, Ella looked up suddenly.

A tall man standing in the entrance blocked the light. So she closed her squinting eyes.

Having been detained for over 24 hours, Ella felt broken.

Her parents gone, her brother far away, Ella felt alone. Was there anyone left who cared about her?

Samuel stooped lowly and picked up Ella. Ella pulled her eyes closed and tried in vain to fight back tears.

Outside the station, Ella and Samuel climbed into the back seat of the porsche.

Anna let out a long sigh in the front seat. Samuel had pulled many stings to find Ella.

Having torn apart the whole country looking for her, he had never thought that she could possibly be in a cold, dark cell.

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