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   Chapter 76 I Don't Want A Divorce

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"Ella said she would beat me every time she sees me...... That if she comes across me on the street, she will let other men......" Catherine was too distraught to finish her sentences. The sound of soft crying filled the alley.

Samuel's face fell. He was going to push Catherine away, however, upon seeing her so miserable and hurt, he helped her up, and sent her to the hospital.

It was midnight, Although Ella had locked her bedroom, she was too afraid to sleep.

She tossed and turned in bed. Soon, she heard the sound of a car engine. Ella buried herself in the quilt.

It's ok, Samuel couldn't come in any way. Even he did, all she had done was beat up someone. Would Samuel beat her for that woman?

The bedroom doorknob squeaked as it turned. The piercing sound disturbed the peaceful night. Ella became nervous.

The knob turned several times more. However, the door didn't open. Then it became quiet outside. Ella was relieved. The very next minute, she heard the sound of the door being kicked. It was so loud that Ella sat up in her bed.

"Samuel..." He was...... kicking the door! How mad was he?

The noise got louder as Samuel tried harder. With each kick, Ella's heart beat wildly.

After five or six kicks, Samuel, who was burning with anger, broke the fancy wood door.

Suddenly, the bedroom lamp switched on. Ella closed her eyes from the harsh light.

When she opened her eyes, Samuel was standing right beside her.

The fury reflecting in Samuel's eyes scared Ella to death.

She flinched. She had only beaten someone. She couldn't understand why Samuel would be so mad.

Before she could figure it out, Ella felt her wrist being grabbed and her body being thrown to the floor.

"Whoops!" Her waist and bottom hurt from the impact. "Samuel, you are going to hit me, your wife, for an irrelevant woman?" If so, it would break her heart.

Before Samuel could even say a word or raise his hand, Ella was implying that he was committing domestic abuse.

"Ella, I couldn't imagine that you would be so bold!"


Seeing her so upset, Samuel said lightly, "I don't need a scheming wife. Sign the papers and leave!" She had let him down far too many times for Samuel to keep caring.

"You are dreaming! Samuel, I am your wife. I said I didn't ask my men to rape her. Why don't you trust me?" Couldn't he trust her just once?

Didn't trust her? "Since the very first time that you lied to me, there has been no trust left between us." He said he hated lying the most. But she had still lied to him......

Ella suddenly became listless and kneeled on the bed. Her legs felt weak.

"I won't sign! I didn't ask someone to rape Catherine." She repeated this sentence dully. She couldn't get divorced or she would lose her child. She didn't.....

Samuel slammed the door and left the villa. He didn't came back that night.

Ella didn't know where he had gone, and she was too afraid to call him.

Catherine was very fast. She went to the police station the next morning to report the case.

In the afternoon, Ella was returning to the old house. Just when she started her BMW, two policemen blocked her way.

An arrest warrant and identification were placed in front of her. "Ella, we are policemen. This is our identification. Please come with us."

"Why?" Ella tried to keep calm as this was the first time that she was encountering a situation like this.

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