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   Chapter 75 Setting The Trap

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Shit! Ella thought of her to be a shameless woman and ran out of patience.

"Lawyer Gu, you are an employee at my husband's company. We have to meet now and then. Would it hurt to be so generous as to accommodate my request?" Ella's tone turned hard due to her anger.

Catherine remembered Samuel telling her that he would ask Ella to apologize. She didn't argue any further, "Address." She remembered her pride and decided to act superior during the meeting.

Ella felt hopeful, and her anger subsided. She smiled, "The Dominator on Shengli Road." This coffee shop had been set up by Harry for Lola. It was a small branch, and the main store was located in the New Area, far from here.

Catherine remembered Emma's beating in the bar and became cautious. Hearing that the coffee shop was in the downtown area, Catherine's mind settled.

"Okay, I will meet you there!" She hung up without saying anything further. Ella glared at the phone.

At the Dominator Coffee Shop, Ella took a seat by the door. The position was perfect; she could disappear quickly, and no one would notice.

She asked for a cup of milk tea and sipped quietly. Ella was drinking the last of her tea, and Catherine still had not appeared.

Seeing that an hour and a half had passed, Ella panicked. If Samuel did not find her in the villa, he would be very upset with her.

He would ask questions and Ella would get into trouble.

Two hours had passed when Catherine finally appeared.

She wore a fashionable black jacket and a tight black skirt.

Ella withheld her anger, smiled and waved at Catherine.

Catherine saw Ella's bright smile. She now understood why this woman appealed to Samuel.

She was not only beautiful but also had the most brilliant and genuine smile...

Catherine sat down opposite her. Ella watched in silence as Catherine ordered her drink.

"Hurry up. I have no time." Catherine gulped her drink impatiently.

Ella w

Ella proudly left the lane, accompanied by the people who had helped her ambush Catherine.

Seeing the leaving figures, Catherine bit her lower lip. Within a minute, the phone rang. It was Samuel...

"Mr. Shao." Her voice was faint, and it unsettled him. What a silly girl Ella was! Was she going to kill Catherine?

"I am in Shengli Road but I cannot see you. Where are you?" He had arrived at the Dominator. But why couldn't they see each other?

Catherine grimaced at the pain coursing through her, and repeated her location.

She held the phone tightly, and waited.

Samuel parked the car near the entrance of the Coffee Shop and then walked hurriedly to the lane nearby. The alley's entrance was obscured thus making it harder to find.

Samuel's heart sank when he saw the woman lying on the ground. Ella had gone too far this time!

He took off his suit coat and covered the trembling woman. Her clothes were in tatters.

"Did she ask them... to gang-rape you?" Samuel asked nervously as Catherine was in worse shape than Emma.

He thought Ella was petulant. But to his surprise, she was cruel...

Catherine cried hysterically as she fell into his arms, "Mr. Shao, please help me! Ella said... She said..." His heart turned cold as he saw Catherine tremble in fear.

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