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   Chapter 74 How Could She Look Like Ella So Much

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Couldn't this heartless man show a little mercy? Did it matter that she was not the one he loved? She was a woman. Did that mean that he could not show tenderness to other women?

Her husband didn't trust her and punished her for another woman.

She felt she shouldn't be blamed for raising a fuss! Perhaps she shouldn't make things easy for Samuel!

She tried to move but couldn't get up at all! Ella picked up her cell phone that had been on the bedside table and called Monkey.

"Hello, Ella, what's the matter?" He was wondering why Ella had not answered his call several times the previous day.

Ella sighed. Even her friend cared for her more than her husband.

"Yeah, fine, I'm not dead. How about you?" If Monkey weren't in Country C because of a business trip, she would have to find someone to help her cope with Emma.

Hearing that she was okay, Monkey felt relieved, "We are also fine. I heard that yesterday someone called the police. But the policemen were sent away as soon as they arrived. Was your husband involved?

Could it have been Samuel? Ella was not sure either. "Are you free tonight?" She wanted to take action.

"Hmm... You want to do it again?" Monkey thought that it sounded like she wanted to.

Ella giggled, "Nice, you know me well." She had dealt with Emma, and now, it was Catherine's turn. She wouldn't let Catherine pass.

Monkey promised without asking any questions, "No problem. Give me the address. I will bring my friends at night. Monkey was not nice to everyone. Back in high school, Ella often engaged in gang fights for him.

"You are a good friend! But...It all depends. I will call you tonight!" She was not familiar with Catherine's schedule. So she could only start after knowing all the information.

"Okay, call me anytime!"

"OK." Ella hung up the phone and opened Weibo scanning yesterday's news. Fortunately, there was none about the incident last night. Was it because the people in the bar didn't know them or, had someone removed the news?

That was not important as long as there wasn't such news.

Now, there was another thing that she needed to do. She struggled to get up. Her first st

had lied to Samuel again. He would not let her get away with this.

After struggling for a while, Ella decided to deal with Catherine first, and went back to the old house to spend more time with her kid.

If Samuel wouldn't let her enter the old house, she would beg grandmother to bring Jerry out and live in a rental house with him.

Hum! That's it! Having made a plan, Ella started to worry about how to ask Catherine to come out.

Ella spent the rest of her time wandering the downtown area. At night, she called Monkey.

Having heard about Emma, Catherine would be defensive. So Ella planned to asked Catherine to a coffee shop.

She begged Anna for Catherine's number and then dialed the number.

"Hello!" Catherine's voice came from the other side of the phone.

Ella felt nauseated and pouted, but still smiled, "Lawyer Gu, this is Ella."

Catherine turned defensive as soon as she heard who was calling. "Why do you call me? What do you want?" Her tone totally changed.

"Haha, I just want to ask you out for a cup of coffee and apologize to you. Please come." 'Bah, in what universe do I have to apologize to you?' thought Ella in disgust. Nice try!

After hearing Ella, Catherine's first action was to mock her, "No, Your apology comes at too high a price, I can't afford it." Apologize to her? Catherine hadn't expected this.

She remembered Ella's rebellious nature, and felt as though she couldn't trust her.

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