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   Chapter 73 Like A Father Protecting His Kid

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Not only had she struck Emma, she had abused her son, and hurt innocent Catherine. Tonight, she had thrown herself into other man's arms in front of him……

'Ella, you are in so much trouble!' Samuel thought as he remembered all her unwanted behaviors. He glared at this stubborn little woman in front of him. Hot with anger, he threw his tie to the couch.

Before he had married Ella, Samuel was a witty and engrossing man who had rarely gotten angry. Though changed by this wretched marriage, he had had never lost his temper.

But now, his irritation had overwhelmed Ella. She was confused and lost.

Never mind, she could stay away from the angry man, even it was only for a while.

Ella rushed to the bedroom door as Samuel threw his shirt to the couch.

However, she could not outrun Samuel.

As soon as she had one foot out the door, Samuel caught her coat and pulled her inside.

To disengage herself from his grip, she took off the coat.

Samuel dropped the coat, and followed her.

She had been so close to the stairwell when he engulfed her in his vice-like grip.

"Still want to run away?" His dangerous voice echoed in her ears, sending a chill down Ella's spine. Samuel was being horrible!

She froze as he spun her around, and hoisted her onto his shoulder.

"Ah!" "Samuel, leave me alone......" she cried as she banged her hands on his back. As a wave of dizziness washed over her, Her hands lacked the strength to continue their assault.

Samuel felt a sudden stiffness in her body, as he threw her onto the bed.

Ella was completely surprised by the fall, and stayed still for a while.

Samuel gripped her again.

"Tell me, how should I punish you?" Samuel held her hands over her head, and pinched her cheeks in warning.

"How dare you punish me, I did nothing wrong!" Ella was telling the truth, though Samuel attributed her behavior to stu

d depend on Ella's behavior in the future. He would again consider a divorce if she was still childish enough to do the wrong things.

To Catherine, Samuel was protecting this woman just like a parent would protect their child.

A wry smile spread across her lips. She envied Ella……

Ella trapped him into sleeping with her, and finally got his protection. Would Samuel be so good to her, if she had done the same?

"So you think your apology can make up for my sister being humiliated and hit?" Catherine tore the indictment in his face.

Samuel looked at the shreds of paper in the bin and exclaimed, "We'll meet Emma, and I'll make Ella apologize to her."

Come to think of it, Ella is like a kid who always got into trouble, and made Samuel, a parent-like husband, to apologize on her behalf……

"So, then, solve it with my sister. I'll no longer get involved." Catherine turned around, and left his office.

Samuel watched the door close. Then he took a cigarette out of its pack, and lit it, And thought about the woman. What did she mean to do? What was her motive?

At the Royal Valley Mansion

1:00 PM

The woman lying on the queen-size bed turned over. "Ouch!" It hurt!

Ella silently cursed Samuel for the thousandth time.

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