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   Chapter 72 Just Like A Female Mafia Boss

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Did Samuel dream of Ella demanding an apology from Emma? Keep dreaming! Don't mistake a tiger to be a cat because it hasn't roared at you yet.

Emma rubbed her sore cheek. When she thought back to that moment, every nerve in Emma's body was filled with hatred. "Ella, who do you think you are? How dare you ask me to apologize!" Emma had always despised the woman in front of her. She had been so desperate to gain Samuel's love!

"It's alright, Monkey. Keep beating her!" Ella crossed her arms, and looked scornfully at the sharp-tongued Emma. She would surely beat her till Emma apologized!

Monkey, along with a few men with short multicolored hair, kept moving forward. As soon as he raised his hand, he heard someone shouting, "Stop!" A cold voice came from behind them.

Hearing the familiar voice, Emma immediately changed her expression from angry to pitiful. But Ella sat on her chair proudly, just like a female mafia boss.

"Samuel, help me." A soft voice pleaded with Samuel. Looking at Emma, he thought Ella had gone too far.

Samuel coolly looked at the calm woman, and then walked straight towards Emma.

"Stop! Don't touch her. I haven't taught Emma her lesson yet!" Now that Samuel had seen Emma like this, all angry and vengeful, she didn't feel the need to pretend to be gentle.

Samuel, who had pulled his hand out of his pocket to help Emma, stopped midway. At Ella's tone, his eyes filled with anger.

So he turned around, and went towards Ella.

He glanced at the people around her and frowned. When did she associate with people like these?

"Come back home." Samuel ordered coldly. He could settle the situation at home in private!

Ella pushed Samuel away and raised her voice, "Why should I go home? I'm gonna beat your mistress to death!" Emma had become her archenemy.

The onlookers, hearing what Ella said, suddenly realized that the woman on the ground was Samuel's mistress!

However, this mistress did have taste, for she had attached herself to a handsome and stylish man.

Samuel's anger rose, and he pulled Ella

have nothing to talk about with you." Emma said to Sum while nursing her bruised face. Ella, you shameless cunt. She must get rid of Ella one day!

Sum saw the hatred in her eyes, and smiled. "Aren't you hooked on Samuel? And I am in love with Ella. So..."

An hour later, Emma was in a good mood. She had left the bar with her companion, and was on her way to the hospital.

The Royal Mansion

Samuel slammed the door after pulling Ella from the car without mercy.

"Let go of me!" Ella shouted with rage.

Samuel stared at her coldly, which made Ella shut her mouth at once.

In the corridor of the second floor, Ella was still being pulled by the man. "Samuel, give me my son!" Ella nearly cried.

The man suddenly stopped and looked at her. His eyes flashed evilly. "You want a child?"

Ella didn't understand his hidden meaning, so she nodded. "Yes!" How could she give up her son?

"That's easy. We can make another child!" The man dragged the blushing woman into the bedroom.

"Hey! I mean my baby, Jerry. Can't you understand?" Ella shouted at the man who was taking off his coat.

Samuel hung his suit on the hanger. He loosened his tie, and looked at her expressionlessly. "I don't understand. Tell me, how should I settle this mess you made?"

Remembering the past, from the time Ella had started work at Sum's company, she was always with him.

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