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   Chapter 71 She’s Lost It

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Gazing at her sleeping son, Ella fell into a daze, holding her cheeks in her hands.

Why had Jerry been crying? DIdn't he like Emma? No, it couldn't be that. He hadn't cried when Emma held him at the old house the last time.

Suddenly, the door of the baby's room was opened from outside. Surprised, Ella stared at the man in the doorway.

She glanced at her cell phone. It was just about 12 o'clock. 'Had he returned home for lunch?'

"Samuel…" She stood up and began to walk towards him. After entering the room with a few heavy steps, Samuel walked directly to his son's crib.

Ignoring Ella, he pulled the child's clothing down to have a look at him.

From the front, baby Jerry seemed fine. However, as Samuel turned him over and pulled down his freshly-changed diaper, he was shocked to find a large bruise on his son.

By the look of it, Catherine seemed to be telling the truth. As expected, Emma had told the truth.

Ella noticing the bruise for the first time, finally understood why the child had been crying so insistently. 'Emma had pinched my son! How heartless! How could she dare hurt a child.' thought Ella.

"I'm going to pinch your whole body!" Gnashing her teeth in anger, Ella went to her son and moved to pick him up.

"Liar!" Samuel's single utterance caused Ella shudder and stop.

With a bad feeling in her stomach, Ella felt her skin crawling as she saw at the icy-coldness in Samuel's eyes.

"Samuel, what are you talking about?" She seemed to have heard Samuel calling her a liar.

Seeing honest confusion on her face, Samuel almost believed her again.

"Ella, where did this bruise come from?" The question was rhetoric. Samuel just wanted to hear her explain herself.

Seeing his expression, Ella was becoming worried. Emma and her sister must have been spreading lies behind her back.

"Samuel, I did not hurt Jerry! It must have been Emma! Jerry wasn't crying when she first came over, but a little while later, I couldn't get him to stop."

"Enough.." Having been betrayed by her before, Samuel no longer had any faith

softly enveloping his outline against the setting sun.

Abruptly, Samuel's phone rang. He quickly put out his cigarette and picked up the phone. It was Anna.


"Mr. Shao…" Anna seemed to pause unnaturally long.

Samuel prodded her to speak. "Yes, please go ahead." Impatiently, Samuel ran his hands through his hair. Where on earth was Ella?

Anna cleared her throat before relaying the message she had just received. "Ella just went to a bar.. and.. Well, she fought Emma."

Samuel felt a sudden, sharp pain in his temples.

Samuel stood silently for a few moments before speaking. Just as Anna was beginning to wonder whether the call had disconnected, he spoke. "Which bar?"

After punching the address into his GPS, Samuel drove his Porsche quickly down an empty road towards the Twilight Bar.

This woman.. She was always causing problems. How could she actually fight with someone else?

At the Twilight Bar.

The whole bar was smashed to pieces. Triumphant, Ella stood in the middle of the bar surrounded by a group of strangers. She stood looking down on another woman.

Emma was crouched on the ground. Her hair was a mess of tangles, and he clothes were ripped to shreds. Her silk stockings were torn and one of the heels was missing from her designer shoes.

Ella pulled a stool in front of Emma and sat down. "Emma, apologize to me.. NOW!"

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