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   Chapter 69 She Must Win Back Samuel's Love

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Sum walked up to Ella, slightly teasing Jerry in her arms. "Ella, just deal with your parents' funeral. Don't worry about the company. You can go to work at any time."

"My wife is not going to work. We'll take this time as unpaid work" said Samuel. He was greeting the guests at the front entrance. When he heard that Sum was already here, Samuel wondered where did Sum enter?the house. Why didn't he see Sum coming in?

Looking at Samuel, Ella said with a little embarrassment in her voice: "Thank you, Mr. Su. I'll go back to work after this brief period of time." Samuel was about to divorce her. If they divorced, she had to work, so that she could afford to live independently. Therefore, she must not take this job lightly.

Samuel walked up to her and took Jerry from her, then looked at their son and said: "Honey, I know you feel bad. Be good. I'll raise you and our son."

People came in and out of the mourning hall, looking at the situation here with curious eyes. Are these three people the main protagonists of the latest circulating gossip?

Ella was not in the mood to bicker with or to fight against Samuel, she simply replied, "Mr. Su, we will speak soon"

"OK." Sum soon left after saying goodbye to them.

During all this time, there seemed to be a disturbance outside. The new comers were Harry, Lola, Chuck and Daisy.

Eason came in with them. Lola hugged Ella, who looked very pale, and said: "Ella, it's all going to be all right."

Daisy also walked to her and said: "Ella, don't be sad."

Their comfort made Ella's eyes turn red with tears.

Samuel took out the handkerchief in his pocket and wiped her tears: "Don't cry." Ella had been crying for all these days. He really started wandering whether this woman was made out of water.

Ella took over the handkerchief from his hand and nodded her head. Man's fate is as uncertain as the weather. These general principles are widely known, but it isn't really easy to face the reality.

The four people bowed to Richard and Jenny's portrait, and left after

ning short. He had to go to the company as soon as possible: "No, thank you. I'm in a hurry. Help yourself." The he kissed Jerry and left the villa in a hurry.

Ella looked at the heart-shaped egg in the plate, her eyes turning red and filling up with tears. She put the milk back into the fridge and ate the fried egg.

Ella was bored at home in the morning, and so decided to take her son to the shopping mall and buy some things needed in the house.

SLD Mall

Ella parked her car and walked into the mall with her son in her arms.

Floor 1 of the Mall

Two women wearing high heels walked towards the boutique: "Catherine, are you a kid? Why do you have to ask me to shop with you?" Emma was dragged into a boutique, looking extremely reluctant.

"I have to go to the company soon, but it won't take long." Catherine saw a sky-blue key chain that?had a crystal dolphin with diamonds in it.

She had just stretched her right arm and the key chain was immediately taken away by someone else.

She turned her head and saw a familiar person. This woman wearing a white woolen coat and holding a baby was Ella! Catherine and her sister sneered. How small the world could be!

"Miss Bo, what a coincidence!" said Catherine with a mocking tone.

Ella looked at the two sisters with indifference and avoided talking to them as she was in a bad mood.

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