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   Chapter 67 You Must Be Kidding Me

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She wanted to scream! But she bit her tongue when she saw Samuel.

Samuel was not in a good mood. In fact, he was in a rage. Terrified, Ella stared at him, helplessly.

"Feeling guilty?" Samuel asked coldly. Ella was confused.

Ella pushed Samuel slightly, but he stood firmly, starting at her with a furious look.

"Excuse me?" Guilty? Why?

Samuel was growing angrier by the second. He grasped Ella's jaw with his index finger and thumb. "Ella you are some kind of actor! You don't need to pretend to be innocent!"

Though, truth be told, had it not been for the picture, Samuel would have probably believed her.

"Please, I don't understand. Please explain. Why do I need to pretend to be innocent?" She was honestly confused. Why couldn't he make himself clear?

Ella was becoming frustrated at the baffling nature of his interrogation.

Samuel let go of Ella's jaw and pointed toward the office building behind the car. "Why do you work there?"

Ella was speechless. Then she mustered, "It's just work, that's all. Please, I'm not looking for any trouble." Ella pushed Samuel away and slide to the other side of the back seat. She sat upright, erect.

Samuel conceded to her push and noticed briefly that she wasn't wearing her diamond ring. "Where's your ring?" he asked.

"I never wear it to work. It's not convenient, " she responded. "I always leave it at home." Truth be told, leaving the ring at home made sense. Ella's ring solicited immediate envy. It was truly an admirable and magnificent diamond.

Strangers had, on many occasions asked her about the ring. Some had even asked whether Sum had bought it for her.

"Not convenient?" Samuel prodded. "Do you think it's an eyesore when you stay with your lover?" he continued. Samuel's voice became mocking as he asked her questions. Ella felt herself becoming angry.

She further shifted herself away from Samuel, than pouted angrily, "So what if that's it? Does it matter? You also have a mistress. How could you blame me?" There was a small crowd near the car.

Samuel felt hurt. He knew that she loved him, how could she say such a thing?

"You bitch, I should have divorced you, " he responded. Samuel was fuming

aking, Ella took the pen in her left hand and held the page down with her right.

Seeing her hesitate, Samuel became agitated. He began to move forward, when suddenly Ella's phone rang.

It was Eason.

Ella set the pen down and said, "Brother, " into the phone. She spoke softly and began to sweep the tears from her eyes.

Samuel quietly pushed the divorce settlement papers away. Distracted by Eason, Ella didn't notice.

"You..." "What did you say!?" The sudden change in Ella's voice drew Samuel's attention back to her.

Whatever Eason had said, he seemed to repeat it again. Ella cried out once again, this time more fiercely. "Brother, are you kidding me?"

Suddenly, Ella began to cry hysterically. Unhappy with the sudden intrusion, Samuel threw the divorce papers on the floor.

Ella continued, "Brother, mom and dad only made you get married. How can you.. how could you.. curse them like this? Ella was beginning to hem and haw, and seemed to be getting out of breath.

Unable to bear seeing Ella in this mood, Samuel grabbed the phone from her hand and asked, "Eason, what happened?"

Hearing Samuels voice, Eason regained his composure and begin to tell Samuel what had happened. Then he asked Eason to bring Ella to the First People's Hospital. Something terrible had happened. Mom and dad were gone. Ella needed to come bid her final farewell.

Samuel felt his heartbeat quicken. "Did this mean that… His parents-in-law… were dead?"

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