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   Chapter 66 Who Allowed You to Leave

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This time, she wrote down all the questions and only went back to the office once this afternoon.

Because Ella had planned to go back to the old house in the evening, she turned to Sum to ask for a favor. She hoped that she could leave work half an hour earlier.

Sum agreed straightforwardly. After a day's work, she said goodbye to him and left the company.

What she did not know was that the people were starting to gossip about them.

It was already seven o'clock when she returned to the old house.

Vincent was feeding the baby in the baby chair with Millet soup. Seeing her come, he said: "Ella, stay with us and have dinner. Why didn't you tell us that you are coming"

Mrs. Qi put a set of tableware between Melody and Jerry.

"It's fine. I get out late. You don't have to wait for me, you can have dinner first." Ella hugged her son and washed her hands, then sat by him at the dining table.

Melody Han served her some soup and asked her: "What have you been doing these last two days, Ella?"

Ella gave her son some steamed bread and turned to her grandmother: "I got a job. Today was my first day."

"Found a job? You are quite independent now." Viola interrupted her and made Ella a little embarrassed. Ella didn't understand what she meant by that, but she didn't asked further.

Vincent cast a glance at his wife and scolded her: "It's not your business. Eat your dinner."

Viola glared at him and went on to eat her meal.

Melody picked out some food for Ella and asked her: "Why do you want to have a job?"

Ella ate her food in the plate and answered her: "There is nothing for me to do back at home and so I might as well go out and find myself a job." explained Ella.

Of course, everyone knew what she really meant in that sentence.

"Well, Keep up the good work. Are you still living in Yugu?" Melody always supported her decision, no matter what she did.

Ella stopped eating for a second and shook her head: "I'll be living here for the time being, and if the job turns out okay, I will rent a house later." She was afraid of Samuel bringing other women to Yugu.

Her words silenced Melody.

After feeding

d laughing happily.

The evidence was clear. The expression on Samuel's face changed immediately.

He had thought that the woman was staying at the old house all the time. But instead, she was out meeting with her lover!

"Get out!" said Samuel with coldness in his words. Emma had no idea what he was really feeling.

Samuel became more and more inscrutable in any way possible. She couldn't understand him at all.

Emma had achieved her goal and said nothing more: "Okay, I will leave first." She left Samuel's office.

After she had shut the door, a diamond-encrusted pen was slammed against the wall by Samuel.

Taking out his phone out of his pocket, he found her phone number and made a call.

"Hello, I am Ella's colleague. She was in the office and discussed something with Mr. Sum. You can call her later." Ella's phone kept ringing so Ms. Zhen answered it for her.

The phone was hung up abruptly. Zhen stared at the phone with a baffled look on her face and went back to her work.

Twenty minutes later, Ella went out of the office. Ms. Zhen was too busy and totally forgot to tell Ella about that call.

Half past five p.m.

Ella clocked out and left the office.

She walked towards her car and got out of her purse the key. Just when she was going to open the door, a powerful grip drew her back from it. Her mind was blank at that moment and this hand forced her into the car that was parked beside her.

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