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   Chapter 63 Domestic Violence Should Never Be a Choice

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"We just got together and had fun. That's all!" She shouldn't have drunk and lost her consciousness.

"Get together? Three couples in three rooms. Everything seems clear to me! How can you lie to me this way!" Samuel picked her up and dragged her upstairs.

Ella flushed as she was overwhelmed with clothes thrown over her. Just when she thought she was going to be soon stifled, she was thrown directly onto a big bed.

"Bitch, I left the old house for a few days and you're burning to date another man! How dare you!" Samuel untied his tie and threw it aside the bed.

Coughing badly for a long time, Ella was astonished to see Samuel untying his shirt in front of her. Remembering what had happened a few days ago, Ella jumped off in fear the other side of bed.

"I didn't!" she said. But Samuel just turned a blunt ear to her explanations.

Noticing how terrible and mad Samuel now was, Ella drew back slowly in fright.

However, Samuel climbed up in the bed and caught her again with ease, leaving her no chance whatsoever to escape.

"Samuel, let me go, please! I really did nothing wrong!" Damn it, Ella now screamed with fear in her voice. She didn't want her nightmare to repeat all over again.

Jealousy and anger had taken the control of his mind, so he didn't want to listen to what she had to say in her defense. She lost her whole faith in him that moment.

His arms were like a girth hitch-- the more she struggled, the more trapped she became.

"Let go of you? You were satisfied with Sum, weren't you? You must think I'm useless now, do you?" He didn't realize how terrible his eyes were, shining, gleaming bright with anger and hatred in them.

Ella bit hard on his wrist for vengeance.

But even when a patch of Samuel's skin was bloody red and almost tore, he still didn't want to loosen his hold.

"I want to go back to the old house and will never go out any more. I promise I won't go anywhere... Please, please let me go." Now that taking action didn't seem to work, she changed her strategy to begging in a low, gentle voice.

From her weak, sorrowful look, the desire to conquer and to take control of everything was even more aroused in him than

el must have known that.

"Your loud voice won't change anything. Stay at villa and don't make any more trouble!" The man warned her in a cold voice and hung up the phone on her.

Ella dialed again but to no avail. Once, twice... Ten times... No one answered the phone.

Sitting on the sofa, she was more and more distressed of what was happening.

Samuel looked on the internet and found that the current event was spreading more and more. The name of Samuel and Ella became notorious over internet.

A piece of video caught his attention especially. He clicked it and it showed how Ella and the others were getting out of the hotel.

Ella could remain calm in the face of those sharp questions. But, in the end, the road was blocked by reporters so that Ella had no choice but to say something in front of the cameras.

Her brittle voice flied into his ears and beat his nerve.

"I will love my husband forever, and I didn't and will never do something that involves cheating on him. I can make that promise with my life."

"As for this question, you should go to his office and ask him rather than me. Thanks."

No more than two minutes had passed, and he showed up at that scene in a rage. At that time, he was so burned up by what he had heard that he ignored her reaction.

When he called Ella "honey" she seemed so surprised and astonished.

This scene really hurt Samuel, and he closed his eyes and started thinking about something.

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