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   Chapter 60 It Has Been A Long time.

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"Do you have time to meet up? I want to take you out for dinner tonight." Sum was straightforward, and he didn't like to beat around the bush.

Ella's eyes filled with tears when she recalled what had happened downstairs. She could hardly have a chance to keep her son and by now she had nothing else to do. "Yes."

"Ok, I'll pick you up. Is that ok?" Sum sounded excited. But he held back his excitement in his voice and asked like a true gentleman.

Ella shook her head. She was in the old house now, which was far from downtown: "I'll drive myself, thanks. Just tell me when and where."

Ella hung up after agreeing on the time and place of her meeting with Sum.

She searched the apps for jobs but found nothing suitable for her at the moment.

Back then, in earlier years, she had gone to the Film Academy of her own free will, despite her parents' objections. She now seemed to regret it, and felt that acting was the only job she could do.

Melody came back at the old house at dusk.

She happened to see Ella, who was now going downstairs. She glanced at the living room with cold eyes. Viola and Emma became silent the moment they saw her.

"Ella, you are going out?" Melody asked kindly. She saw that Ella was carrying her bag down the stairs.

They must have bullied Ella while she was out, she thought.

Ella walked toward Melody, and took her arm,"Yes, nanna. I have an appointment with one of my old schoolmates. I won't be eating at home this evening, thank you!" Ella tried to smile when she saw this old, grey-haired woman. She didn't want nanna to worry about her any longer.

Melody kindly patted Ella on the back of her hand. This girl had been stuck in the house for too long, and it was a good idea for her to go out and get some fresh air: "Ok, but please come home early. Otherwise I will be worried."

Ella peeped out at her a sweet smile: "OK, nanna, I will be back shortly after diner."

Emma was so jealous at the sight of this scene. What on earth did Ella have that such a strict woman like Melody was being so kind and nice with her!

"OK, drive safely." Melody let go of Ella.

"By the way, nanna, would you please take care of Jerr

!" Sum pulled Ella out from Molly's hug.

There were two men and two women sitting at the table.

A chubby man looked at Ella with a giggle. She didn't even have to look at his face to know who it was, as she could easily tell only by his giggle: "Chubby Yang!"

He was her old classmate from high school, named Yang. In high school, Yang was honest and well-behaved, but he was often bullied.

Ella, who was a downright chipper, could not stand it anymore, and so she had someone teach the bullies a lesson for two or three days. Sine then, Yang was more than grateful to Ella.

Yang was still overweight, with a height of 175 cm and a weight of 198 pounds. He was chubby indeed! They hugged and rejoiced. And then another woman was calling Ella's name:

"Ella, when on Earth will you notice me?" A sweet and delicate female voice drew Ella's attention.

"Oh, my cutie, I will never forget you!" The cutie was Yvonne Yan. She was now a model and had become very popular in Hollywood recently.

She was Ella's deskmate at college, and they used to be partners in dancing and acting classes. After they had graduated, Yan migrated to America with her family and they lost touch with one another since.

Yan hugged Ella tightly. Many had been out of touch with each other since graduation.

It had been 5 or 6 years since their last reunion. She now almost cried.

"And me, me!" A voice suddenly burst out eagerly and interrupted their hug.

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