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   Chapter 59 It's So Damn Hard To Love Someone

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The charity party was held by Harry in Lola's name, and it was themed on wild animal protection.

Ella's heart was like a glass cup that in a moment fell and shattered into thousands of pieces when he saw Samuel.

This was just the beginning. Later on, Ella always saw Samuel appear on all sorts of entertainment news with different women.

A few days had passed, and he didn't come back to the old house. And almost every day he would ask Viola to bring Jerry to the company to see him.

And she also saw him go out on a date with another woman, with her son in his arms.

So now it went viral in the news that Mr. Shao and his wife had divorced. And the photo that he dated other women while he was holding his son in his arms confirmed the story.

As Viola took Jerry to the company more and more often, she had less time to be with him.

Ella often looked out of the window at the sycamore trees outside, lost and lonely with a weary thought.

Lola called her several times, and sent her many Wechat messages, but she didn't know yet how to explain the whole situation to her.

Lola was so furious that she even wanted to call Samuel and tell him off on her behalf, but she stopped her.

She told Lola that it was all her fault, not Samuel's in the least.

Lola had no choice now but to ask her out and speak with her about what had happened.

And Ella agreed. The following day, after Viola left the old house with Jerry, she changed her clothes and went out of the old house in which she had stayed for such a long time.

The sun was shining bright outside. They met at a cafe.

When she arrived, Lola was already sipping on a coffee.

"The old house is a bit far away, I'm sorry. You must have been waiting for me for a long time." She looked at the beautiful woman in front of her, who was growing more and more beautiful day by day, with a little embarrassment.

She was even stunned when Lola smiled at her. Maybe this was what a woman should look like when she was married out of true love!

"No. Tell me about what happened to you." Lola anxiously looked at Ella's pale face.

Ella clenched her coffee cup between her small hands and looked at the big screen outside on the shopping mall nearby. An Ad

stept of the staircase, a voice was heard shouting: "Stop!" Samuel's cold voice made her stop.

"Don't you see mom is having fun with my kid? Bring him back here."

Ella chewed on her lower lip in utter embarrassment. It was so humiliating to hear him say words like that.

She handed her son back to the livid Viola: "Mother. It's so kind of you." Then she went upstairs defeated, and alone.

She didn't step too far, and Viola and Emma continued at once to talk and laugh back at one another in the living room.

She even heard Viola say: "I'll soon let Sam divorce and you can come here earlier and stay longer."

"Mrs. Shao..." Emma's coquettish voice made Ella want to cry rivers.

Now she knew there was definitely no place for her in this house anymore.

It was quiet upstairs. She knocked at Melody's door but she wasn't in her room. Grandmother hadn't come back at home. Ella returned to her bedroom.

Her son was always away from home these days, and it was really boring and sad for her to be alone. Ella considered whether she should get a job or not.

Lying in bed, bored, she stared at the phone in her hand, opened an APP and looked for some suitable job for her.

Her phone rang. It was Sum who was calling her, with whom she hadn't got in touch for ages.

"Hi, Sum!" She tried to make her voice sound as normal and casual as possible.

But Sum still sensed something was wrong with her. He felt sorry for Ella when he saw Samuel with other women on TV.

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