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   Chapter 57 This Bitch

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In the video, she saw a woman peeking around and then entering a room. She definitely knew her. That woman was Ella Bo.

She had stubled over the truth, and now Emma smiled with satisfaction. "I'll call you as soon as I get hold of the money."

Emma stood up from her seat, grabbed her handbag and left the coffee shop she was in. She looked at the clear sky and felt she was in an excellent mood.

"Ella Bo, you bitch! I'll soon rub that smug smile off your face!" thought Emma. And Samuel would be hers again!

When Emma called Samuel, he was busy in his office room.

"I have something to tell you. I'll see you at our old meeting place." Their old meeting place was a park, where Samuel used to take her for out for walks.

Samuel rubbed the spot between his eyebrows, "No, you can just talk to me on the phone. We can't meet." He had promised Ella to stop seeing her.

He didn't even want to see her. Emma bitterly smiled over the phone: "It's about Ella, and it's really dead-serious. Think about it. I'll wait for you for an hour." And then she hung up on him.

Was it really about Ella? Ten minutes later, Samuel took his car keys, left the office and drove out to the place Emma had told him she'd be waiting for him.

Along the way, he vaguely had a strange feeling of foreboding. What exactly would Emma tell him of his wife, Ella? If she would start denigrating her based on little or no evidence, he would be very mad.

Outside, the weather was a little bit hot, and when Samuel got out of the car, he loosened the tie Ella had tied for him when he had left home that day.

He couldn't help but smile when he thought of that little woman of so many hidden facets.

But the woman who was now standing nearby by the river pulled him back to reality.

Emma stood waiting by the river in a khaki windbreaker, her long hair blown up by the night wind and graciously floating in the air.

This was a scene that Samuel had seen so many times in the past, and it happened that every time it attracted him more and more. But now he wouldn't let himself feel this feeling.

Looking at the man who was walking closer and closer to her, Emma suppressed her excited mood and looked at him with tender eyes.

She thought that there was a chance that he would return to her, but his face showed an expression of impatience on it.

Emma ignored this fact. "Sam, I miss you so much" she thought. It had been a just couple of days since her return from the United States. They had not met once sinc


All the virtues and qualities that he thought she possessed had now been turned into just bitter sarcasm in his eyes. This bitch!

"Bang!" Samuel threw and smashed an empty bottle against the wall. All of its broken pieces scattered on the floor.

Ella Bo! Ella Bo! Ella Bo! Why would you lie to me! He had told her that what he hated most in this world was cheating!

How ironic it was to think of her smile!

Ha ha ha, Ella Bo, you, indeed, really had the means to achieve your goals!


In the villa, Ella had printed out all the documents, but Samuel had not returned yet.

It was after 11 o'clock at night, but Samuel still hadn't returned back home. And when she called him, none of her phone calls were answered.

Ella went out to the balcony. It was raining cats and dogs outside. It was pouring!

No one answered her phone calls in the office, either. She, by no means, could get in touch with Samuel.

By one o 'clock in the morning, Ella had by now fallen asleep and the bedroom door had suddenly been pushed open.

She woke up and saw Samuel standing in the door, with his face flushed and his breath stinking of liquor.

How much did he drink? He couldn't even walk straight!

But before Ella could have a chance to put on her shoes, Samuel waddled to the edge of the bed.

Did she see anger in his eyes?

The next moment, he started choking her her.

What was wrong with him? " What's going on? Please…" Ella strenuously managed to spit out a few words.

Samuel remembered Ella's surveillance video and his eyes were more and more bloodshot and seemed to be popping out of their sockets with anger. This bitch!

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