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   Chapter 54 His Woman

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A passionate song just ended. Her words echoed in the compartment, clear and loud.

All eyes were on Ella, and she started to realize that everyone has looked at her. She covered her mouth, but it was too late.

With a gloomy face, Chuck walked up to Ella and took her cell phone.

Daisy's reply was still on the screen.

It was too late for Ella to take back her phone. It was only a sentence, and Chuck had read it through.

Then he quickly typed a few words and sent them out, "Which hotel?" Chuck pretended to be Ella.

Ella reached out to him when she saw him sending messages to Daisy in her account, "Chaz! Give back my phone!" She then reached for it.

"Hold on please. I need to see this." Chuck held the cell phone high in the air so that Ella could not reach it.

Just as Ella was about to pounce on him, a man pulled her back. She fell into a familiar warm embrace.

"What are you doing, Chuck? Are you bullying my wife?" Samuel was jealous of Ella and Chuck. He wanted her by himself. When Ella called him Chaz, he had to stand up from his seat and separate them.

A minute later, Ella's phone rang. Chuck took a look, put the mobile phone back into Ella's hand, opened the door of the compartment, and went out.

The woman who came with him immediately followed suit.

Ella looked at her phone. Daisy replied, "I'm at Sophie's. What's wrong?"

Then she anxiously looked at Samuel, "These two people are not going to do something stupid and rash, are they? What should we do now? Samuel, would you please go and keep an eye on them? This might get messy." She was really afraid that Chaz would make a scene in the hotel when he catches Daisy in bed, and what was worse, they might begin to quarrel and fight with each other.

"Okay, I'll go." Samuel released Ella and picked up the car keys on the table. "You guys keep playing. Don't wait for me."

Harry and Eason looked at each other, "We'll go too."

Chuck was somehow eccentric and impulsive. Who knows what he'll do next.

As a result, the party moved from the club

ther men, when he had already slept with many women!

Chuck stepped forward, and stopped in front of them.

Then he pulled Daisy over and clamped her chin. In a most ferocious tone, he spoke, "Are you that cheap?" She dared to cheat on him! He would not let this slip!

"Cheap? How about you have a look at the woman standing behind you? I say we are not even yet." The woman behind him was exactly her step-mother's daughter, Rosy Tang.

Chuck pushed her down to the king size bed. Thanks to Daisy's quick reaction, she moved a bit, or she would have fallen onto the scalpel Chuck left on the bed. She was that close to grave danger.

"Chuck Si, if you don't want to see me, just get out from my sight. Do you have to murder me?" Daisy stood up, and shouted.

Others arrived too. They blocked the doorway, looking at the dramatic scene in the room.

They felt a little relieved when they saw there were still clothes on Daisy and Philip.

At this time, Philip finally spoke up. Looking at the shiny scalpel on the bed, he reacted by saying, "Mr. Si, you misunderstood me. Daisy brought me here to make you jealous. Nothing happened between us. She forced me onto the bed, but nothing more."

Daisy felt so frustrated that she was almost about to cough blood. "You..." You..." She pointed at Philip, her buddy for years, too angry to even say a single word.

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