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   Chapter 53 My Husband Is So Rich

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Is it really hot? It was already 20 degree Celsius outside. Samuel thought. He still opened a window for her.

Ella walked around two times in front of Emma with an air of innocence and sarcasm in her face. Then she went to Samuel and said, "Sam, I will wait for you in your office."

Samuel was about to speak. His eyes flared with passion when he saw the marks on her neck. He does not have the heart to leave her when she is looking this alluring.

Now he understood the meaning of the verse saying, "The night is short and the sun is high. Since then, the king will not hold his morning court."

He didn't notice in the marks when they woke up. No wonder she was wandering around the room all morning in her pajamas and a silk scarf.

And now he understood what she wanted. She just wanted to show Emma how much he loved her and cared about her. With a deep sigh, he decided to let her do what she wanted.

Emma clenched her fist until she left the office with Samuel and remained silent throughout. .

Carrying a handbag, Anna immediately followed them to the Assistant Area.

They went to the court together and talked about the case all the way.

Today was the last day, and the outcome was pretty much in sight. They were certain they will win since Samuel was with them. He is that good.

As expected, Samuel won back the copyright for Changyue.

The victory party was held that evening as nothing significant happened in the afternoon. Samuel cancelled everything, and took Ella to their new house.

At the Royal Valley Mansion

When they opened the door, the inside looked completely different from what they saw last time.

How many designers and workers did Samuel hire to complete the work so soon?

Speaking of the designs, the wallpapers were all white and light brown The furniture were all new, painted in white and grey.

The shade of the kitchen was dark brown. The cabinets and the marbles were basically the same color.

They happily scanned through the ground floor. Samuel was satisfied to see the amazement in Ella's eyes.

He led her to the second floor, using a r

re." She also risked her life to give birth to his son. His money could never buy that.

Ella nodded vigorously, "Well, thank you, Samuel." She would be better to him in the future. He said more than once in the late night that he wanted a daughter too.

Ella would always remember that.

Less than a week later, Samuel began to prepare to move.

Emma also returned to the United States temporarily. Everything looked okay.

On the evening of the move, Samuel took Ella to a special gathering with his brothers.

Because of Anna, Eason was restricted at home by Richard. It was until Samuel came forward and said that they would hang out to have a get-together party that Eason was allowed to leave.

It was still at Storm. Harry brought Lola with him and Samuel took Ella. Eason was alone by himself and Chuck brought some other woman.

The woman with him was in a rose-red coat, very thin and fragile, a pretty girl despite her petite frame.

She sat beside Chuck, her eyes fixed on him, and said nothing.

Ella and Lola were surprised at such a scene.

Chuck could allow other women to do this to him. He was a serious clean jerk, right? Where's Daisy Tang?

Ella sent a Wechat message to Daisy, "Where are you?"

She replied quickly, "In a hotel room with a really handsome guy."

What? "Daisy's in a hotel room with some guy?" !" Ella read aloud in obvious shock and bewilderment.

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