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   Chapter 52 Grandma Got Your Back

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"Okay, let's go!" Ella smiled at his promise, and led the way, carrying their son towards the men's goods area.

Samuel was left behind. He has already reached the point where he has no other choice but to just admire Ella's mood swings.

It was more than nine o 'clock in the evening when the two went back to their old home.

They didn't drive, but walked for the whole night, so Ella was really exhausted. But she also felt very happy and fulfilled. She just wanted to take a shower and go to bed.

But before that, she went to their grandmother's room.

Melody knew that the two had come back. She had waited for them before going to sleep. She was relieved as she turned off the lights and was getting ready to rest when somebody knocked on her door.

She sat up from the bed, turned on the bedside lamp, and wore her reading glasses, "Come in."

Ella saw Melody sitting on the bed and realized that she was already going to sleep, "Grandma, I'm so sorry to disturb you." Said Ella in an apologizing tone.

"It's okay. Come here, dear." Melody savored these moments that she was not alone. Soon, they will go on and start a family.

Ella opened her handbag, took out a few books and handed them to Melody, "Grandma, I bought some books for you. You can do some reading when you are not busy doing chores. I hope you like them." Melody was a teacher. She always enjoyed reading.

But a rich lady like Melody must have everything. Ella had to really think of something to give to her. After much hesitation, Ella decided to buy some books for her. She hoped she would like them. After all, books do not get old.

When Melody heard that she bought her some books, a large sincere smile bloomed on her face. She took the books, all of which were limited editions of the classics.

"Thank you, dear. I like them. This is so thoughtful of you." She really liked these books. She hadn't had these ones on her bookshelf.

"Well, if you like it, grandmother, I am also happy. Rest early grandma. I'll see you tomorrow morning." Ella thoughtfully tucked her into the quilt, and was about to leave.

But Melody took her hand and made her sit by her bed, "Are you in a good mood now, dear?" She knew that Ella

y. But how could we give him a sister if she is with us? If you know what I mean…"

It would be better if they have a daughter. They could bring their son back and they will be a happy family of four.

Ella blushed. She sat beside Samuel, took his arm and rested quietly on his shoulder.

Time passed by slowly.

Ella put their sleeping son into his crib. While Ella was cleaning Jerry's milk bottle, Samuel held her by the waist and embraced her from behind.

"Dear, tell me now, what is it?" He didn't forget. He knows she does not want to speak up. He still waited patiently.

Ella's heartbeat quickened. She put the milk bottle on the desk.

Turning back, she held Samuel's neck and kissed him on the lips.

She really couldn't make up a story and hoped this would work.

She was right. It worked.

An intimate and passionate atmosphere floated in the air. They finally did what they long desired.

Early the next morning, Samuel left the old house with Ella.

In addition to attending the court session, Samuel also needed to take Ella for her to see the renovated new house this afternoon.

When they arrived at the company, Emma was already waiting for Samuel in the office.

Rivals in love are always mortal enemies. This vividly describes Emma and Ella right now.

Ella pulled the scarf from her neck, "Sam, dear, it's so hot in here." She removed her silk scarf.

The marks on her neck, as well as the well-spirited Samuel, hurt Emma again.

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