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   Chapter 50 It's Inconvenient When My Son Is There.

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Then why was she angry? She could not understand why she is acting like this. Samuel pondered about the other night before she was left. Perhaps it was because he drank too much alcohol? Maybe she does not like him when he drinks?

It couldn't be...

Samuel sent another Wechat message to Ella. He waited anxiously but she didn't reply.

So, Samuel did what he had to and made a call to Melody before seven the next morning.

"Darn, did you already forget how to make a phone call? Do you still think you were single, with no wife nor children? Know your responsibilities, Samuel." As the phone was put through, Melody scolded him from head to toe.

"Grandma, what happened?" Samuel looked at the empty apartment, feeling a bit uneasy and lonely.

"What happened? What did you do to make Ella angry?" Asked Melody in a disapproving tone.

A few days ago, Ella came back to their old house. She looked happy and was smiling but it looked a bit pretentious. Melody knew her very well and sensed something was wrong. She kept asking Ella if there was anything wrong, but Ella always tried to avoid the topic.

Samuel was more confused, "Put her on the phone, Grandma. She doesn't answer my messages." It was the first time a disagreement like this has happened between Ella and him, and he wanted to know the reason too. He wanted to fix this immediately. Every little moment without her is a torture.

After a while, he heard Melody talking to Ella. "Ella, this one is for you. Let me take care of the child first."

"Who is it, grandma?" Then he heard brisk footsteps. Someone took the phone, And hang up without saying anything.

...... Samuel looked at his phone, eyes widening in disbelief. His little woman had become bolder now. Not only did she not answer his phone call, but she also hung it up straight away. This is becoming surreal in a very bad way.

Samuel felt really uneasy. He decided to take it upon himself and left early that evening to visit Ella in the old house.

Jerry has not stopped crying right until dinnertime. Maybe he was that hungry. Ella anxiously fetched the milk powder, made the concoction, tested the temperature and fed the rubber nipple into Jerry's mouth. Jerry at once stopped crying.

Ella was relieved to see him happily drinking the milk. This little guy couldn't bear to be

k his hopes away. Samuel gently took their son's clothes away from her again and put them on the bed.

He brought her to her feet, holding her tightly. "You must tell me what I am convicted of before passing a sentence." Ella turned her face away, but he held her chin and made her look at him.

"What am I convicted of? What am I guilty of?" Ella smiled sarcastically, "Mr. Shao, you are a top international lawyer. How dare I be so indiscreet as to demonstrate my crude skills in front of a master of the trade like you."

...... Samuel's patience was about to run out, "Out with it now. Or you will have to skip dinner tonight." Ella could read between the lines. She knew what he meant.

She blushed, but still remained a stubborn stance. "What now? So I'm not allowed to have even a morsel of food in Mr. Shao's house? Are you that eager to kick me out?"

Samuel faked a straight face when he heard her cold words, "Ella Bo, I'll give you a last chance."

Ella became more annoyed to see him become seemingly angry. How in the world could he be mad when this is his fault? She pushed him away. Samuel didn't expect that, falling directly onto the bed behind him.

Where did she get all that strength? Despite his shock, Samuel wore a playful smile on his face, "Well? Can't wait to take me to bed?" He liked that.

"Get out of here! Go out!" Exasperated, she grasped the pillow next to her and threw it on him.

Samuel grabbed the pillow and threw it on the floor. Then he took hold of her by the wrist and forcefull dragged her to bed.

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