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   Chapter 47 We Are Fine

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"Yeah. Mr. Samuel, you don't seem to want to breathe a word about matters concerning your wife. Does this have something to do with Ms. Gu?"


Emma, who was next to Samuel, was completely silent. She was also expecting his answer now.

Samuel wouldn't even bother talking to the hateful media: " Why should I need to answer something out of thin air? The relationship between me and my wife is between only the two of us and it's our privacy. Your so-called media is openly and shamelessly snooping into others' privacy. Does this comply with your professional journalistic ethics?"

His reply further intensified the media's questions on the matter of his relationship to his wife.

"Mr. Samuel, are you red with anger since you are caught red-handed?"

"Yes, Mr. Samuel. Since you are a public figure, we're just asking the question out of a mutual concern."

Stopping before the car, he replied with calm: "I am a lawyer, not your wild entertainment! Please lay your attention on my work, and not on my life." Then he reached his car with his team, and then slowly rushed out of the crowd and left.

Not long after his leave, this video fired up on the internet and became viral.

All journalists bashed his actions and replies but didn't dare go too far with them, given his status of lawyer.

Netizens, however, gave strong support to his each and every move. They commented actively in the East Star News Official page.

"Mr. Samuel is right. He went to court for work and you journalists were clenching at his personal privacy. No professional ethics whatsoever!"

"I support Mr. Samuel to charge and drive into court all of these journalists!"

"To pick on a child that's only a few months old! Where are your ethics?"

"Good job, Mr. Samuel! That's rather impressive!"

"Samuel is so cool. I want to have a baby with him!"


Those journalists were trolled as being only good-for-nothing. All of them wanted to die when they read the comments.

Some journalists who had just reposted this news were also attacked by netizens. Therefore, they had to delete their microblogs.

Ella's Weibo was also dug out. She has never used Weibo since


Samuel casually discussed official business with Emma. Ella felt bored and looked at them from aside.

Her cellphone was still ringing. She had to turn off the phone's notification sound when she reactivated the weibo.

Ella was absorbed in her chat with Lola, and Samuel asked Anna to arrange a lunch for Emma.

"Don't bother. I feel bored all by myself. May I have lunch with you?" She said this very smoothly and naturally. Ella was now confused. How thick-skinned this woman was

Was she asking for trouble?

Samuel glanced at Ella and asked her: "Honey, what do you think?"

... Emma now looked paler and paler. She closed her fists tightly again. How could he possibly hurt her like that!

Ella seemed worried and said: "Dear, I don't feel like eating when there are other people around."

Her words suddenly changed the air in the office.

Samuel gave her a reproachful look, but didn't say a word. His wife was always right.

Emma smiled with a slight broken heart. She no longer wanted to stay defiant: "Well, Samuel, I'll dine out alone then." Even Ella couldn't bear the wounded look on her face.

As expected, she clearly saw something in Samuel's eyes. But it disappeared soon enough. She wasn't sure whether it was sadness or pity.

Emma's response could easily led to people interpreting Ella's behavior as being unreasonable. And there was also Samuel's ambiguous emotion, which made Ella very uncomfortable.

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