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   Chapter 46 Don't You Like Your Child

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Alcohol had now dulled Ella's senses. She giggled like stupid: "I like it...But I like my Samuel more." She was so happy and reassured now! Her Samuel had bought her a diamond ring!

She was so excited! What should she do now?

"Are you still mad at me?" She was holding his neck tight in her arms. Ella promptly shook her head.

Her Samuel was so handsome. She couldn't help but kissing his thin, gentle lips.

This little woman. Didn't she have the patience at least to let him ask her a couple of questions? Samuel didn't notice that a gleam of love that came into her eyes.

Needless to say, they spent the whole romantic night together.

At the crack of dawn, Samuel carried Ella from the living room to the bathroom and into the hot tub, and simply washed her body. After that they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Later on, in the morning, Ella turned over comfortably in the bed and prepared to go back to sleep.

The room was too quiet. When she opened her eyes she found out that she was alone in the bedroom. Samuel had already got up. She found the alarm clock near the bedside table, and it was now half past nine.

Ella quickly got up from bed at once. Today was the day that Samuel would represent Emma's company in court. The trial must have already started, but at that time she was still at home, sleeping.

Ella smacked her forehead in frustration. Why didn't Samuel wake her up?

Nevertheless, that Emma Gu woman would certainly be there. She thought that she would better go directly to the company.

She noticed the diamond ring on her finger and remembered what had happened last night.

With a smile on her face, she stroked the ring back and forth. . So last night wasn't a dream after all.

After she washed herself quickly, Ella stood in front of the dresser, looking at the hickeys Samuel left on her neck. Ella flushed as she saw them. She opened a closet to take out a silk scarf to cover the traces of last night's love.

When Ella arrived at the company, Anna followed Samuel to the courtroom. Today, Samuel didn't assign any work to Ella, so she went to the library straight after she videochatted with Melody and her son.

When she arrived, there were very few people in the library. Ella found a few books about case studies, picked a quiet corner in the library, sat down and started reading.

Ella hadn't slept that well last night.

Do you think the two of you have divorced in all but name?"

'It is said that Mrs. Melody Han is taking care of your son now. Does it mean that the child isn't a fruit of love? Don't you like your child, Mr. Shao? And what about Mrs. Shao, does she at least like the child?"


One sharp question after another. All were the questions coming from nowhere and with no basis to them whatsoever., Samuel's indifferent face turned colder and colder with indignation.

He stopped and looked at a female reporter who mentioned the child in her question. "By the looks of your age, you must be a mother of several children. Don't you like your child?"

All eyes were now fixed on the female reporter, who was in her early twenties, and was, of course, completely unlikely to have given birth to any kids.

When Samuel spoke in that cold manner, the abashed reporter almost cried. She wasn't even married yet. Where was the baby from? She had nerves: "Mr. Shao, as a lawyer, you must know the consequences of slander."

"Then do you know the consequences of slander and peeping into other's private life? Believe it or not, I can sue you right now," said Samuel, aggressively and ruthlessly.

The female reporter's eyes were now filled with tears. She sobbed and ran away from the scene.

The journalists had by now started to understand. Samuel was protecting his child.

So now they got another breakthrough: "Mr. Shao, we now believe you really love your child. But you didn't say a thing in your wife's defense when we were talking about your wife. Does that mean you acquiesced?"

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