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   Chapter 44 She Was a Little Bit Daft

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Ella took a deep breath and looked at Catherine: "Bring the waiter here. I want to confront him in person." She could not simply let them wrong her like that.

If this time she let Emma and Catherine get away with it, then there would be a second and a third time, till finally Samuel no longer believed in her.

Catherine put down the broken recording device onto the table and scornfully looked at Ella: "You have scared him away. The last time we found him, he was just hurrying towards the train station. I think only you can tell where he is now!"

Ella could not help but clap ger hands for Catherine and then she raised her arm and slapped her in the face: "Smack!" The force was so strong that Catherine's face turned to the other side. She was utterly shocked.

"Come here." Samuel took Ella by the hands and pulled her towards his side. She apparently had lost control of herself. What if Catherine sues her for assault?

Catherine charged herself towards Ella but Samuel pulled Ella away in time. Catherine did not manage to get her.

"Sam, how could you bully my sister like this?" Emma got out of the ward bed and confronted Samuel with anger.

It was quite intense in the ward now. They were facing each other like two opposing teams.

Samuel cast a cold glance at the restless Catherine and thought to himself that as long as he was present, no one should ever hurt Ella.

"You come here now and apologize to Emma." He pulled Ella out from behind him and addressed her as if she was a mischievous child.

"Why should I apologize to her?" Ella's unruliness made Samuel's head ache.

He put his arm around her should and said: "You apologize when you are in the wrong!" He did not wish to stay here any longer. He just wanted to solve the issue and leave asap.

Ella was not sure whether to feel happy or sad about Samuel's attitude.

If she really did what she was accused of, Samuel's attitude would actually move her.

But the truth was, she didn't do it! "I did nothing wrong, I refuse to apologize." It was obvious that she should not apologize for something she did not do!

Emma and Catherine, these two women were her enemies! From now on, she would not let them bully her anymore! She would not let that happen again!

"Ella!" His tone was now harsh but he still sounded like a father educating a young child.

Emma was clear now that Samuel did not want to pin any blame on Ella at all. Even if he admitted that Ella was in the wrong, he would probably let her get away with a simple apology.

"I don't accept her apology!" Emma uttered her refusal.

Samuel really hated staying here and wasting time. When he was about to say something, Ella made her move.

She reached towards Emma and scratched her face with her nails.

"Ah!" Emma shrieked in pain and Catherine quickly stepped up to check her wounds.


Samuel was speechless. What was wrong with his wife? How come she turned into a cat like that? "Ella, apologize to Emma now." Samuel's tone was now extremely cold.

Ella threw away Samuel's hand and dashed out of the ward. There was no way in hell she would apologize!

Samuel rubbed his painful temples as he watched Ella storm out. Then he turned around and said to the other two women: "I am sorry. I do apologize on behalf of my wife. Emma, you'd better dress your wound. I will cover all the medical expenses."

Then he left the ward and chased after Ella who was long gone.

"Sis. "This Ella was pushing it too far. She actually scratched your face!" Catherine looked at the tiny wound on Emma's face and exclaimed in an exaggerated way.

Emma rubbed her painful face and pressed the button to call for a doctor and some professional help.


quickly restored her calmness and sat down on the ward bed. She said in a peaceful voice: "This Ella wench, I will not forgive her."

What crossed her most was Samuel's attitude. It was obvious that he was protecting her all the time. What spell did Ella cast that made the righteous Samuel blindly favor her all the time?

"Sis, you are such a push-over. Ella was already walking over you and yet you acted like nothing have happened." Catherine's tone sounded quite anxious. Emma raised her eyes and cast a glance at her direction.

"How come you hate Ella more than I do?" "Did you two have some issues before?"

Catherine realized she was over-reacting, so she took a deep breath to cover up her anxiety: "I don't like her because she was standing in the way of your happiness. Moreover, when she was an intern with me, she was overbearing."

Her explanation made Emma less confused.

A nurse walked in with a medical trolley. She used medical alcohol to clean Emma's wound.

"Ouch..." "Go easy!" Emma unhappily scolded the nurse.

This was an exclusive ward and the patients reside here were all sort of VIP. The nurse apologetically cleaned her would and said: "I am sorry but please bear with me."

"Sis, let's charge that wench with physical assault" She would not reach inner peace if she could not get rid of Ella.

"Don't over-estimate yourself!" Emma was enduring the sharp pain from her face. She controlled herself from slagging off her cousin. She found Catherine was not clever enough to figure out the current situation.

No doubt Catherine was a skilled professional lawyer. However, If it were not for Emma, Catherine would not have been able to secure her job in Samuel's firm.

Catherine bit on her bottom lip and said: "But sis..." "Are you implying that Samuel will always fawn over her?" Yes, this was the only possibility.

"Of course." In the meantime, the nurse tidied up the scene and walked out of the ward.

Emma put the folder onto the table and continued: "Samuel's capability was outstanding and Ella is his legally-wedded wife, do you seriously think he will let you sue his wife and win the case?" Besides, all these are irrelevant to the feelings.

Catherine stopped talking. She was a little bit daft when compared with her cousin.

The ward went quiet. The two women no longer talked as they both had something on their minds.

He tried to reach her via mobile phone but she turned off her phone already. Samuel was so angry that he almost wanted to give up on her. When her beautifully little face came to his mind, Samuel could not just sit aside and do nothing.

He returned to their apartment and it was dark inside. It seemed she had not yet returned home.

Then there must be only one possibility: she went to the Shao villa instead.

Samuel quickly dialed Melody's number: "What's up, granny?" He sent his greetings first.

"It's you! How rarely you call me!" Melody replied with sarcasm.

Samuel sat on the sofa with mixed feelings: "Granny, how's Jerry?" He missed his son as well.

"Your son was playing."


"Well! "Is my wife with you now?"

Melody was delighted to hear that Samuel referred Ella as his wife. However, she replied: "No. What's going on?" "Did you have a fallout?"

"No." "Everything is fine. She mentioned that she was going to visit Jerry at your place. I thought she already arrived." Samuel made something up and was being evasive on this topic.

He continued to dial Ella's number but still had no luck.

Just then, his phone went off. The caller was Harry.

"Harry, what's up? You miss me?" He answered the phone in a teasing tone. Meanwhile he made up his mind that he was going to search for his wife.

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