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   Chapter 39 You Will Meet Someone Better

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When Emma was not looking, Felix Fei curled up his lips and an evil smile spread over his face. So Emma had been Samuel's girlfriend and now she was his. What an interesting find!

"Ms.Gu, you drink too much." Samuel heard the word ex-boyfriend and his mood was not that good either. Emma held up the bottle and was ready to pour him a glass. Samuel turned the glass upside down on the table and refused her offer.

Emma staggered and fell towards the other side. It was coincidentally towards Samuel's direction.

Samuel had to reach out and catch Emma. Her body directly collapsed into his arms and he could smell the strong scent of alcohol from her.

The others all stared at them in shock. Felix's assistants never saw Emma behave like this. What happened next made everyone present drop their jaws.

Emma circled her arms around Samuel's neck and whispered to his ear in a cheeky voice: "Sam, I am dizzy. Could you please send me home?"

Samuel furrowed his eyebrows tightly and he tried his best to hold Emma straight. But right now, Emma behaved as if she was spineless and kept falling down to the ground. Samuel had no choice but to hold on to Emma to her keep her balance.

Ella looked at all this scornfully. She thought they were here for business! However, Emma was not focusing on business at all throughout. Instead, she was staring at his husband!

Ella stood up from the chair and pressed on the button for call-in service. Within 30 seconds, the private room door was opened from outside.

"Hello! Is there anything I can do for you?" The waiter looked at Ella, who was stranding next to the call-in gadget and asked her politely.

Disregarding everyone else's confused gaze, Ella opened her wallet and took out all the money she had. She shoved the money into the waiter's hand and said: "Go and get security. Please send this woman away."

Get the security...

The room went quiet and the ambiance was frozen. The waiter hesitated and didn't dare to accept the thick stack of cash.

"Are you going or not? If you don't get me security, I will file a complaint against you!" Ella threatened him.

The waiter immediately took the money and walked out of the room in fear.

Samuel looked at his little wife as she returned to her seat with a calm face. Ella took out her cellphone and started f

s busy thinking how to get rid of her. When her lips touching his, Samuel tried to push her away from him.

But Emma was amazingly strong in that moment, so that Samuel did not manage to push her away at once.

A sharp voice penetrated the room: "Stop it!"

At this very moment, Ella was literally holding back the words: "You two should be together, I quit!" But she was not as brave as she thought. She didn't have the guts. She just would not give up Samuel.

Tears ran down recklessly from her eyes. She turned around and ran away from the scene.

Samuel was really upset. He threw Emma away from himself without caring for her feelings and ran out of the room to chase after Ella.

In high-heels, Ella could not run fast. What's worse, out of distress, she accidentally twisted her ankle.

When Samuel arrived at the the elevator station, all he saw was Ella's back as she staggered into the elevator. His heart was calling out for her as he paced towards the elevator. But somehow, it was still too late. The door closed in front of him.

He pressed on the button multiple times but it did not work. In his shocked gaze, the elevator went down anyway.

He was really worried about Ella. He noticed her eyes were reddish as she had been crying so much.

He turned to the other elevator and called for it. After several seconds, the elevator came.

When Samuel reached the ground lobby, Ella was outside calling for a taxi. He dashed forward, opened his arms and stood right in front of the taxi. He managed to stop the car in time.

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