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   Chapter 34 I Need a Successor Once I Get Married

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Ella cuddled his waist tightly and nodded: "Samuel, we will be fine. We need to check on our son now." She was also comforting herself.

"Of course, I won't let anything happen to you." He patted her back softly. Ella started to breathe normally in the darkness after the initial panic.

Soon enough, they heard some noises coming from above. "Someone is coming! Don't worry, we are going to be rescued!" Ella was feeling much better already and yet Samuel was still consoling her. This?touched her deeply to the extent that she felt like crying.

After several beeping sounds, the light went back on. The elevator was bright again.?

Samuel lowered his head and looked at the pale-faced woman within his arms. Her vulnerability struck him and he felt sorry for her.

He wiped away the tears on her face. Just then, the elevator had another sudden move. It started rising up and eventually returned to normal and stopped at Floor 26.

Ella was so scared that her legs felt like they weighed a ton. Samuel lifted her up and carried her out of the elevator.

After what they had gone through tonight, Samuel's priority was to file a lawsuit against the property management. Next on his agenda was to move to a villa.

Floor 26

Outside of the elevator, stood the manager of the apartment building. He hurried to the site via the other elevator the moment he heard about the incident. As soon as he saw Samuel, he apologized to him repeatedly: "Sorry Mr. Shao. Sorry for causing you trouble. It must have been very scary for you" This Mr. Shao?was a famous lawyer, known as the "big gun" within the industry. He must try his best to appease him. If he filed a lawsuit against him, that would be the end of his management career.

'Me, scared?' 'It was not me, but my beloved wife that got scared.'

Samuel paused and responded: "I had to press?the emergency call button a dozen times before someone answered me. I will see you in court!" After saying these words, he ignored the explanation and apology from the manager, and walked straight towards his apartment door. He scanned his fingerprints and then walked into the apartment.

He laid Ella on the big bed of the bedroom and sat down next to her. He brushed her fringe aside and said to her softly: "It's fine now. We are home."

Ella extended her hands out and hugged him around his neck: "Tomorrow we go see our son, OK?" She was actually wondering if she should just stay at home and look after the baby, ins

e you had so many surgery accidents that the patients' families are coming after you? She said with a deliberately sarcastic tone.

Chuck was known as a professional, top-notch doctor within the industry. It was not possible for him to have accidents. let alone being chased by patients' families.

In the eyes of Daisy, all the other doctors were angels. But this Chuck was absolutely a devil!

Chuck put his phone back to his pocket, leaned against the dresser and said: "I need a successor once I get married."

He made himself very clear but Daisy was still confused. "How does that concern me?" Was he trying to say that...

"My successor must be born by my legally-wedded wife." He used the words legally-wedded just to provoke her. This was to make her understand that if she misbehaved, he could always find himself another obedient woman.

Daisy was amused by Chuck's words. Who did he think he was? Why should she do what he said? His rudeness was overbearing.

They did not love each other but they might just as well try to pretend to respect each other and get along. But giving birth to his child? "You are out of your mind." There was no way that she would carry his child!

Surprisingly, Chuck was not angry this time. He ignored her exclamation and continued: "I don't care whether it is a boy or a girl, I would pass on my skills and knowledge to your child. Shouldn't you be over the moon already?"

Daisy was utterly speechless. What was wrong with this narcissistic man? "Maybe many women care about your money and your extraordinary medical skills, but I don't care!" She literally screamed the last three words out.

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