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   Chapter 35 It is Your Honor

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Chuck held her chin up again. Rudely, he hurt her this time.

Daisy frowned. Chuck warned her, "You should know what's good for you! It is your honor to have my baby!"

Daisy took hold of his palm and flung it off. She lifted up the wedding dress and stood up to look at him.

She flared up and said slowly, "Chuck, get out!"

Chuck really wanted to teach her a lesson to make her obedient.

Resting his palm on her white neck, he forced her to come over and kissed her on the lips.

The door was opened suddenly. Chuck's parents came in.

"Cough…" Lydia Yuan, Chuck's mother, saw this scene and coughed heavily.

Hearing the noise, Daisy pushed Chuck away quickly, lowered her head and sat down in front of the dresser.

Chuck acted as if nothing had happened, which won the admiration of Finley Si. It turned out that both his son and he were cool!

Lydia Yuan teased Chuck, "You always look serious. I think I misunderstand you."


Daisy almost choked on her saliva. Her mother-in-law was so... unique!

Chuck had long been accustomed to Lydia's jokes, so he said nothing and kept leaning on the dresser.

"Daisy, the ceremony will begin soon. Come with me." Lydia Yuan looked at her pretty daughter-in-law happily. What a pretty girl! Her son didn't deserve her.

In fact, as Chuck was odd and suffered severe mysophobia, she thought that he would remain single all his life. She just hoped her second son, who lived abroad, could give her a grandson soon.

The appearance of Daisy gave her hope. Edward said Chuck and Daisy were quite close. She had to win over Daisy for her son.

The wedding ceremony began. Daisy didn't tell her biological father about

erry would fight every time they met.

Sally attacked Jerry first every time. Jerry would cry at the very beginning, but later he hit back calmly.

Then he didn't want to hit back at all…

The drama of Sally and Jerry ended. Only Daniel sat quietly in the baby chair and looked at them seriously.

Chuck and his family went to toast the guests at the next table.

"Daniel is quite calm. His serious face is exactly the same as that of Harry!" Ella placed Jerry in Samuel's arms and went to tease Daniel who remained silent, but Daniel never smiled.

Lola looked at Daniel's face. She had become accustomed to it. "Leave him alone. He always looks like this." He was just like his dad.

"He's only one year old!" The one-year-old baby had a serious face. Ella marveled at his genes.

After returning from the hotel, Samuel and Ella left with Jerry first.

Samuel was driving. Looking at his wife and son in the back seat, he said with a smile, "I'll take you somewhere."

Ella held her drowsy son in her hands and looked at Samuel curiously, "Where is it?"

Samuel didn't tell her, but returned her a smile.

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